Types of Insurance Needed for a Start-up Beauty Clinic

Types of Insurance Needed for a Start-up Beauty Clinic

The types of insurance you need for a start-up beauty clinic may be overwhelming at first. It is important that you have all the correct cover in place before you start practising on clients.

Whether you've just finished training and want to start building your client base or you're launching your first salon, here are three types of insurance needed within the salon or beauty practice you might need.

For any help along the way, just give one of our beauty insurance experts a call, they're here for everything from advice to building your bespoke salon and beauty insurance policy.

The first thing is first and no two salons or practices are the same, so start by thinking about the risks you think are most important to get covered for you.


  1. Scrutinise Your Business’ Weaknesses

Harshly scrutinising your business’ weaknesses can help you choose which covers you need and devise a long-term plan to strengthen your business against foreseeable risks.

This could be things like a client accidentally receiving a burn from a wax treatment, a product a client has brought from you may cause an allergic reaction to protecting your equipment from theft.

2.  Considering Insurance Needs

The only sure-fire thing you can count on during the tumultuous beginning stages of your business or later in its development is the protection offered by specialist beauty salon insurance. Avoid losing everything to a disaster that you could have easily insured—purchase one robust, comprehensive and bespoke insurance policy to keep your small business protected on all sides.


The Three Types of Beauty Insurance Needed

For all beauty practitioners, including freelance specialists to salon owners, all beauty businesses, however, can benefit from the essential covers listed below.

  • Public liability covers your liability for third-party injury and property damage arising from your business’ operations. This could include incidents such as accidentally dripping wax on the client's clothes or, if you're mobile, on their home carpet during a treatment.

  • Products liability insures against damages and costs arising from accidental injury or damage caused by products supplied by your business. With this, you'll be protected against any products you use on a client or ones supplied to them which may have caused an allergic reaction or that are faulty.

  • Employers’ liability is mandatory for all UK employers. It covers employers’ liability for bodily injuries or diseases their employees may suffer in the course of their employment. For example, if you take on a new beautician but they weren't shown how to use the mask to protect themselves from the dust of nail filing and sued the business. Employers' liability within a salon would protect against any claims the employee could make against their health.

Additional Salon Specific Cover

Depending on your specific business and if you're operating out of a salon or property you may wish to cover the additional options of cover as well.

  • Business interruption recoups lost profits in the event that insurable property damage causes your business to temporarily close
  • Property insurance protects your commercial property, buildings and contents from a broad range of risks.

Specialist Beauty Treatments

Treatments such as microblading, aesthetics and semi-permanent make-up maybe need an additional policy. For these type of treatments, you may need to be covered for medical malpractice. Our team at Insync will be able to create you a bespoke policy, all in one place, with everything you need.

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