Top Tips for Starting Your First Beauty Business

Top Tips for Starting Your First Beauty Business

When 40 is fast becoming the new 30, Kylie Jenner has built her own beauty empire, now’s the time when starting your own beauty business is more than exciting.

The key is to set up your company with the correct planning and insurance cover in place and you’ll be rewarded with a successful clinic and a lifetime business.

One of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry is the aesthetic market with the number of non-invasive procedures increasing 30 -35 % each year, the most popular being Botox.

Other popular procedures on the rise include dermal fillers and laser hair removal.


Whether you’re thinking about training in aesthetic procedures or you’re ready to launch your new beauty business, here are a few things to consider for making it a success:

1.      Consider which treatments you would like to offer

To kick start your beauty business you might want to consider offering a range of treatments to compliment one another. We all know how little persuasion it takes to spend the whole afternoon receiving pamper treatments instead of just an hour! We work together with our underwriter, Beazley, to make sure you’ll be covered for anything you wish to offer, just speak to one of our salon experts today to build your own flexible cover.

2.      What is your competitive advantage?

As the popularity of these types of treatments grows, you’ll need to make sure any customers choose to come to you over anyone else’s salon. There are many ways to do this; whether it’s the range of treatments you offer, perhaps, you’d prefer to be a specialist in one type of procedure or will it be the unparalleled service you offer where clients can’t help but recommend you to others.

However you choose to compete, make this a feature of all your marketing, ensuring your social medias or website clearly shows how well you treat your clients and the excellent work you perform.

3 . Marketing

There are many ways to promote your business and the list can be endless, so it’s vital to make sure you pick the right ones for you. There are also lots of marketing agencies out there who would be happy to handle this for you as well. From business cards to websites, and of course social media, there’s a lot to try and see what works best to get your business name out there.

4.      Insurance Cover

Insurance cover for a beauty business might not be the top of the list of many of you starting a new beauty business, or the most fun, but it is essential! That’s where we come in and can help you every step of the way. Whether you’re a freelance beautician or you have a salon and need to cover employees and content, just give us a call and we can build a policy around your needs. You’ll also get a personal and dedicated account manager for your policy and a 24-hour claims line.


This has covered a few of the points you may want to consider before you launch your business. Whichever direction you choose to take your beauty business, it will be full of excitement, reward and most importantly you’ll be doing something you love! We’ve put together a short check list to get you started! Remember, if you want more information on what beauty insurance is available for you, just give one of our team a call or get a quote today.

New Beauty Business Checklist

  • Business name availability check
  • Opening business bank accounts
  • Opening online payment platforms
  • Application and register your business
  • Purchase of insurance for the business
  • Conducting marketing research
  • Renting, renovating and equipping the clinic
  • Applications for loan from bankers
  • Writing of business plan
  • Drafting of employee’s handbook
  • Design of the clinic’s logo
  • Creating of promotional materials
  • Recruitment of employees
  • Purchase of furniture and office equipment
  • Creating a website
  • Health and safety and fire safety arrangement