Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Use Knives Safely In The Kitchen

Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Use Knives Safely In The Kitchen

The engine room of any fast food takeaway business is the kitchen, but this busy and often frantic environment, can quickly become a hazardous workspace.

The use of knives is obviously crucial to at your business in terms of food preparation, but it is not only chefs or cooking staff who are at risk of injury. Employees can also suffer injury while cleaning down, or even washing up.


Injuries Can Lead To Claims

Should an employee suffer an injury at work and hold you responsible, perhaps through inadequate training, supervision or provision of materials, then you could suffer potential claims under the employers' liability section of your Takeaway Insurance policy.

Taking Adequate Precautions

There are many safety precautions that your business can take to reduce the risk of either yourself, or your employees, getting cut or suffering other knife-related injuries at work.   These safety tips may help you build a simple best practice programme:

Knife Safety Tips

  • Handle, use and store knives and other sharp utensils safely.
  • Cut in the direction away from your body.
  • Keep your fingers and thumbs out of the way of the cutting path.
  • Wear protective clothing, such as steel mesh gloves.
  • Use a knife only for its intended purpose and use the correct knife for each cutting or chopping job.
  • Never try to rush a cutting, slicing or chopping task – you may get careless and have an accident.
  • Keep knives sharpened and in good condition. Let your supervisor know if you have concerns about the condition of any knife in the kitchen.
  • Store knives and cleavers in a designated area when they are not in use, and never store them with the blades exposed.
  • Let a falling knife fall to the ground – never try and catch it.
  • Carry knives with the cutting edge angled slightly away from your body with the tip pointed down to your side.
  • Place a knife down on a clean surface for a co-worker to use rather than handing it to the individual.
  • Avoid placing knives near the edge of a countertop.
  • Never place a dirty knife in the sink after usage. You or a co-worker may reach into the sink and get cut unknowingly. Instead, place them in the dishwasher or in a container labelled “knives only.”
  • Do not interrupt or talk to co-workers who are using knives or other sharp utensils. They may get distracted and hurt themselves accidentally.

Kitchen Awareness

Encourage your staff to understand the risks and dangers of their workspace, knives are just one of the many potential hazards of a busy kitchen. If everyone is aware of their surroundings, keeping a vigilant eye on safety, you can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents and subsequent insurance losses.

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