17 June 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Safely Manage Bilingual Staff

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Diversity and cultural mix across the UK has been at the very core of the growth in the restaurant and takeaway industry, changing and blending the palate of the nation. 

However, managing staff who are new to the UK can bring it’s own challenges, as bilingual staff can sometimes lead to miscommunication contributing to on-the-job accidents and injuries, which may lead to employers liability claims under your Takeaway Insurance policy.

13 May 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - Do You Know Your Food Allergen Requirements?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Running a busy restaurant or takeaway business is hard work and it is often difficult to keep on top of all the important regulatory changes and requirements alongside already challenging working hours.

However, it is important that key requirements in relation to food standards and handling are adhered to, or you could face prosecution or potential closure from the Food Standards Agency.  

15 March 2015

Restaurant Insurance Tips - Safety Precautions for Waiters

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

As a restaurant owner, you and your team will no doubt be working extremely hard and often long hours.   As your waiting staff are on their feet serving food and drinks all day, it can be extremely taxing on their bodies, as it puts you in awkward postures which can lead to back, shoulder and neck injuries.  

Should you not provide adequate training or support and one of your workers suffer an injury during the course of their employment, you could face a compensation claim under the employers liability section of your Restaurant Insurance.

24 February 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - Safely Disinfect Your Fast Food Restaurant

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway, Hospitality

A restaurant, takeaway or fast food business will live or die by its quality of food, cleanliness and feedback from customers. In today’s social media world, reputations can be built or shattered overnight by online reviews.  

With this in mind, cleanliness has never been so important, not only will good food hygiene drive improved ratings, it will reduce the risk of customer illness and subsequent products liability claims under your Fast Food Takeaway Insurance.

23 February 2015

Cafe Bar & Takeaway Insurance - Simple Safety Tips To Reduce Fire Risk

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Even small café bars, sandwich outlets or takeaway businesses can be at risk of fire – in fact, the risks can sometimes be even greater than large commercial kitchens.  Accidents often result from flare-ups during food preparation in conjunction with oven, hob or electrical and gas connection defects, leading to significant claims under your Café or Takeaway Insurance policy.

15 February 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Prepare for Health Inspections

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

A fast food restaurant’s reputation is built on great food and great service, as such, ensuring that your takeaway is clean and serves fresh, safe produce to customers is your single greatest responsibility.

10 February 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Cover Fast Food Delivery Drivers

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Fast food restaurants are under increasing pressure to manage deliveries within a specific time frame, often driven by deals with online order portals and associated “money back guarantees”.

However, with delivery drivers zipping all over town, transporting fast food to hungry customers, they face numerous risks due to the nature of their job, including accidents, injuries and theft. As the owner of a fast food takeaway employing delivery drivers, you need to be aware of the tremendous risk shouldered by your drivers as well as your duty of care owed to all of your staff.

04 February 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Use Knives Safely In The Kitchen

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

The engine room of any fast food takeaway business is the kitchen, but this busy and often frantic environment, can quickly become a hazardous work space.

The use of knives is obviously crucial to at your business in terms of food preparation, but it is not only chefs or cooking staff who are at risk of injury. Employees can also suffer injury whilst cleaning down, or even washing up. 

23 January 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Reduce The Risk Of Robbery and Crime

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Fast food establishments and takeaways can be particularly vulnerable to burglary, robbery and theft or even physical violence.  Such incidents can be emotionally challenging for the business owner, not to mention the obvious financial implications.  Whist an effective Takeaway Insurance policy can protect the business against these incidents, by taking the appropriate preventative measures you can significantly reduce your risk.

09 January 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Maintain a Pest Free Environment

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Pests in your restaurant or fast food business can be harmful for your customers and your staff as well as significantly damaging your business reputation.  Worse still, they can often expose you to costly legal or regulatory actions and claims under your Restaurant or Takeaway Insurance policy - or even lead to your business closure!

18 December 2014

Restaurant & Takeaway Insurance Tips ? How To Store Stock Safety

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Restaurants and Takeaways are all different shapes and sizes, as such stock storage areas can often be tight on space and care needs to be taken when packing or unpacking.  

Serious injuries can occur when unloading and stacking supplies in the storage area due to improper lifting techniques. But maintaining a clean and organised storage area is essential to preventing these injuries as well.   

23 November 2014

Fast food Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Avoid Fryer Burns

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

If you run a takeaway business, chances are that you and your employees are operating a frying range or deep fat fryers on a daily basis.  Fryers are a leading cause of burns for food service staff, often leading to Employers Liability claims under your Fast Food Takeaway Insurance policy.

It is not only when cooking that employees risk burns, similar exposures exist when cleaning fryers and vents; contact with hot splashing oil is also a serious hazard.

04 June 2014

Batter Down Your Fish and Chip Shop Insurance Premium!

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Sorry – we couldn’t resist the pun, but if you own or run a fish restaurant or takeaway, you will know that many insurers find fish and chip shop insurance difficult to “plaice” (OK – we know, you’ve heard them all before, but if it makes insurance a bit more interesting.....we’ll keep the puns going!!)

The good news is that by shopping around, managing and understanding where risk exists we can “hake” your fish and chip cover much more affordable.  We’ve put together some of the key areas of cover together with some tips which could help you “net” a better deal.

21 May 2014

Top Tips to SAVE on your Fast food Takeaway Insurance

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

In today’s competitive market we are always looking for ways to reduce overheads and bring our cost base down. Insurance is an obvious area to review and if you run a fast food outlet or takeaway, our top tips could help you do just that!