Benefits of Specialist Smartphone Insurance for Businesses…

Benefits of Specialist Smartphone Insurance for Businesses…

For most of us, our smartphones often become an extension of our arms, a permanent new feature of our bodies allowing us to email, purchase anything, anywhere and speak to anyone in a heartbeat.

When you're using your mobile for business, they become even more of a vital lifeline… in need of a quick emergency procedure after it breaks to stabilise the bottom line!


When unread emails, missed calls and ignored enquires are unacceptable, you don’t want to be waiting for weeks for a replacement phone or spending your evenings sorting through piles of paperwork before your claim is even submitted.

Instead, imagine the ease of an online system where a claim is just a click away, a UK call centre is on hand to submit your claim and a replacement or loan phone will be with you within 24 hours of your claim being approved.

This is usually the difference between a policy provided by a specialist phone insurer and those provided by your bank or home cover.

When insuring your business phone, it’s not only important to choose an insurer who understands the urgency just as much as you do but also covers you for all the inevitable eventualities.

Whether it’s an accidental cracked screen, liquid damage from a morning’s coffee spillage or loss, you may call your generalist policy supplier just to find out you might not be covered for that type of accident!


Alternatively, they may offer different levels of cover you can add to you premium at an additional cost. However, specialist gadget insurers know that these things just happen sometimes. When everyone’s entitled to a manic Monday where your phone may take the brunt, you can take a breather over a cup of tea knowing we’ve probably got you covered for that.

Once the tea breaks over, you’re 12 O’clock meeting is on the horizon and it’s time to set up the I-pad, connect the laptop to the projector and ask your marketing assistant to film a clip of your presentation for Instagram.

When there is no limit to our digital lives, especially in your fast-paced business, there may often be more than one gadget you rely on to get through the day. An additional benefit to specialist gadget cover is you can get most gadgets insured in the same place… that’s even less paperwork and you’ll receive unlimited claims!

Choosing a specialist smartphone and gadget provider, like Mobiru, means we are streamlined in making sure your phone or gadget is back to you and working as soon as possible.

It's what we do each and every day, so we claim we can get your replacement phone returned to you within 24 hours of claim acceptance.

With insurance from Mobiru, whether you have a bleary-eyed accident at the business breakfast or an unforeseen splash while you're fixing the plumping, you can rest assured we'll be on hand to get your business calls and emails pinging back into your inbox in no time.