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21 July 2015

Mobile Catering Insurance - What Cover Does a Mobile Caterer Need?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

The hospitality and catering industry continues to go from strength-to-strength, particularly in the mobile catering field.  Not only through food trailers and traditional catering firms, but also via the growing popularity of pop-up restaurants and food led events.   Many modern restaurants now incorporate a mobile strategy into their business model, which is a great way to promote their offering and to reach new customers.

24 June 2015

Restaurant Insurance Tips - How To Manage Staff Burnout

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

Working in the hectic and busy restaurant or kitchen environment can be hugely rewarding, but at times it can also be quite a stressful environment.  Restaurant owners need to be very aware of job related stress and working conditions and these can lead to absenteeism or employers’ liability claims under your Restaurant Insurance policy.

10 June 2015

Pub Insurance Tips - Risks Associated with Private Security Personnel

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

Bars and pubs, particularly those in town centre locations offering entertainment face a number of significant risks – the combination of alcohol and a high-energy atmosphere can result in potentially dangerous disturbances that present considerable liability exposures.

While hiring doorman or private security personnel is a good way to mitigate the risk of violence at your pub, inadequately trained security staff can result in further liability issues and potential claims under the Public Liability Insurance section of your Pub Insurance policy.

08 June 2015

Pub Insurance - What Cover Do I Need For My Pub Business?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

Whether you are buying your first public house or are an established publican, the risks when running a pub or restaurant can be significant.  From property damage to the property itself, to injury to customers or staff, claims can quickly become a significant threat to your business.

08 December 2014

Restaurant Insurance Tips - How To Serve Alcohol Safely

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

Whilst wine bars and pubs spend time training their staff on dealing with alcohol safety, it is often overlooked in restaurants, where instances can be just as common, particularly during the party season.

Preventing violence due to unnecessary overdrinking and the safety of your customers and staff is a key part of a restaurant owner’s role.  Should an incident break out and an injury occur, you could find yourself on the end of a costly insurance claim under your Restaurant Insurance.

30 November 2014

Restaurant Insurance Tips - How To Prevent Kitchen Fires

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

Kitchen fires pose a serious safety hazard in your restaurant.  A fire can emanate from a number of key risks, but the most common cause is flare-ups during food preparation, or gas / electrical connection defects to your oven or hob.

Fire losses can prove costly, both in terms of the direct loss under Restaurant Insurance claims, but also the additional financial and emotional losses.  Whilst a business insurance policy will normally extend to cover Business Interruption for loss of trading income, the stress and worry of a dealing with a large fire is impossible to quantify.

10 November 2014

Bar & Restaurant Insurance - How To Avoid Slip and Trip Accidents

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Hotel & Guest House, Pub & Restaurant

In today's litigious society insurance claims for slips and trips continue to rise, either from injury to staff (Employers Liability) or to members of the Public (Public Liability).  Depending on the extent of the injury, some losses can be significant, which in turn can result in significant increases in your Bar or Restaurant Insurance premium.