How You Can Protect Your Plant Machinery From the Rising Risk of Theft

How You Can Protect Your Plant Machinery From the Rising Risk of Theft

Your plant machinery is essential to the running of your business, and while they seem hard to steal, this may not be the case.

Through recent research, industry experts have found has that plant theft has risen by 55% since 2013, with the average cost of stolen tools falling between £1,000 and £5,000.

Here are three key ways to boost the protection of your plant equipment and machinery:

  • Implement proper security systems – install controlled entry and exit systems on-site, employ a security guard at all site entrances, utilise security cameras throughout the area (but make sure they do not capture more than your premises according to GDPR guidelines), install an alarm system.
  • Protect your plant equipment with secure locks and by storing it out of site when it is not in use. Implement a system where employees must sign-in and sign-out when using the plant equipment.
  • Mark your plant equipment with unique identifiers such as distinct permanent colouring or codes. Or install GPS trackers in your plant equipment.


But, more than anything, ensure you’ve got the right cover in place for your plant machinery AND your business.

Contact us for a quote on your plant insurance for both owned and hired equipment! You can also find out if you could be saving on your public liability.