Motor Trade Insurance Tips - How To Use The Web To Drive Sales

Motor Trade Insurance Tips - How To Use The Web To Drive Sales

Reports from Salesforce suggest that 70% of all transactions start on the internet, if your garage or car sales business has not fully embraced the web within your day-to-day sales processes, then you are likely to be missing out on a significant opportunity.

Are You Mobile Enabled?

Two new surveys from November and December 2014 reveal the importance of mobile compatibility and Internet traffic to drive motor sales.

The first survey, conducted by Nielsen in the UK for two digital tracking agencies, highlights that more than three-quarters of high street customers who used a mobile search to find a product went on to buy that product.


Nielsen surveyed more than 1,500 UK tablet and smartphone users and found that about 80 per cent of mobile research queries resulted in a purchase.

What is even more interesting is the fact that one-third of all surveyed mobile shoppers exclusively use their mobile devices as their primary source for shopping.

However, 37 per cent still choose to visit a physical shop or vendor to make the purchase, which is critical for motor dealers.

Neglect Mobile Advertising At Your Peril

Motor traders neglecting to invest in mobile search advertising and mobile-friendly websites are clearly overlooking a sizeable client base and a primary channel for getting customer appointments into the diary.

Manufacturer Websites Are Critical

Further bolstering the importance of Internet traffic for driving motor sales is the recent User Chooser Barometer survey from Sewells Intelligence, which confirms that car manufacturer websites are the first and most important sources of information when shopping for a new company car.

Circa 40 per cent of the 2,200 survey respondents stated they use the manufacturer’s website as a source of information when shopping for a new company car — 20 per cent said they use manufacturer websites as their first source of information, with 23 per cent saying those websites were ‘very useful’.

For both personal and commercial vehicle purchases, the data is clear — allowing customers to access your website on a variety of devices, including mobile, is critical to driving sales and drawing customers into your business.


Insurance Risks

The changing face of car purchases and the way customers search for service related vendors, such as body shops or vehicles servicing, also highlights some new insurance risks.  

As your website grows in importance to your business, issues such as hacking can be significant.  If your website is down, you will be losing business.

If your website also links to your back office system hackers could also target personal data.  

If you are deemed to have lost a customers’ personal data, you could find yourself at risk of civil claims or regulatory fines, not to mention the reputational damage.  

Data Breach and Cyber Insurance cover can protect your business against these new exposures as it is unlikely that a traditional motor trade insurance policy will provide you with adequate protection.

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