30 April 2015

Fleet Insurance News - Are You Ready For DVLA Paper Licence Changes?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) will phase out the paper counterpart licence with effect from 8th June 2015, from which point they will only issue photocard driving licences.  The changes apply to licence holders in England, Scotland and Wales only, as licences in Northern Ireland are managed by DVA Northern Ireland.

21 April 2015

Fleet Insurance News - HGV Speed Limits Raised in England and Wales

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

From the 6th April 2015, the Government increased the speed limit for heavy goods vehicles (HGV’s) travelling on either a single or dual carriageway in England and Wales. Previous legislation had been in place for almost 50 years, during which time vehicle safety and mechanical capability has increased significantly.

07 April 2015

Fleet Insurance Tips - How To Prevent Cargo Theft

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Whether you are a logistics, retail or manufacturing business, chances are you will need to deliver goods or supplies using your vans, lorries or HGV’s. 

Unfortunately, theft of your goods (or cargo as the insurance industry describes it) represents a significant threat to your business, not only in terms of the value of load, but also in associated lost business and profits from unfulfilled deliveries and orders.

A standard commercial vehicle or Motor Fleet Insurance policy will not normally extend to cover items carried, which is why it is advisable to arrange specialist Goods In Transit Insurance or Cargo cover.

25 March 2015

Motor Trade Insurance Tips - Managing Your Car Dealership IT Systems

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Whether it’s managing your vehicle inventory, sales, parts or financing, your dealer management IT system is likely to be integral to your day-to-day motor trade operation.  The ease of processing and continued improvement of IT platforms can greatly improve your customer services levels, however, the volume of data can lead to a heightened security threat.

17 March 2015

Fleet Insurance Tips - How To Set Driving Mirrors To Improve Safety

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

The ability for your drivers to set outside mirrors effectively to eliminate blind spots is a crucial part of being a defensive driver.  Not only will this improve safety and reduce accident levels, this should also improve your long-term claims experience and lead to savings on your Motor Fleet Insurance.

It might seem simple, but mirror adjustment is fundamental to defensive driving techniques as well as overall safety. While almost all vehicles come equipped with two outside mirrors, many fleet drivers don’t set them properly, making the vehicle as dangerous as it would be if it were missing mirrors altogether.

17 February 2015

Motor Fleet Insurance Tips - How To Prevent Fleet Fraud

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Motor fleet fraud through falsified accidents and inflated claims cost insurers and businesses billions of pounds each year. A staged accident or injury claim by an employee can mean expensive payouts and increased Motor Fleet Insurance premiums, as such, it is essential that your firm takes steps to prevent and detect employee fraud.

27 January 2015

Motor Trade Insurance Tips - Repair and Body shop Risk Assessments

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

All workplaces can be potentially hazardous, but working in the motor industry can provide more risks than most.  According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) there have been 33 deaths and over 7000 injuries in the motor vehicle repair industry over the last 5 years.

Accidents in the body shop or repair workshop can result in injury to staff or members of the public leading to subsequent claims under your Motor Trade Insurance.

26 January 2015

Transportation Motor Fleet Insurance - Why It Pays Not To Overload

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

If you are running a logistics or transport company then you are committed to ensuring efficient and on-time deliveries and shipments. Whether you oversee a large fleet of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) or a single vehicle for delivery purposes, your profitability hinges on your drivers’ ability to make reliable, punctual drops.

However, time pressures and ever increasing workloads can often put employers and drivers alike under pressure to overload vehicles, resulting in overburdened vehicles and drivers.  Overloading is not only a breach of regulations, putting the business at risk of potential fines, it can also invalidate your Motor Fleet Insurance policy.

05 January 2015

Motor Trade Insurance Tips - How To Use The Web To Drive Sales

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Reports from Salesforce suggest that 70% of all transactions start on the Internet, if your garage or car sales business has not fully embraced the web within your day-to-day sales processes, then you are likely to be missing out on significant opportunity.

15 December 2014

Motor Trade Insurance Explained - Why Employers Liability Matters

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Working in the motor trade industry can be surprisingly dangerous. Whether moving a vehicle, working in a repair or body shop, or handling a multitude of chemicals—this seemingly innocuous industry actually hosts a number of deadly perils.

In order to safely protect employees, employers have a legal obligation to purchase Employers liability cover as part of their Motor Trade Insurance package.

06 November 2014

Motor Trade Insurance - Body Shop Customer Safety Tips

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

As a panel beater or body shop owner, you will be familiar with the types of risks are associated with your trade. Garages present a variety of hazards, including the use of dangerous chemicals, exposure to paint fumes, exposure to sanding dust, metal fumes from welding and cutting, hearing damage from excessive noise, the potential for oil or grease spills leading to slips and falls, flying debris, electrical exposures and the general peril of working with large, heavy machinery.

23 October 2014

Car Valeting Insurance - Improve Safety to Lower your Premiums!

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Whether you operate as a mobile car valeter or fixed car washing service, understanding the risk of injury and damage through good Health and Safety application is critical to your business.  Minimising risk will ensure that you can keep your Car Valeting Insurance premiums in-check as well as reducing the potential reputational damage a loss can incur.

Washing vehicles as a Commercial business is not a straightforward as it sounds, you are often working with electronic machinery and handling chemicals, both of which can carry increased risk of injury, either to a member of the Public (Public Liability Insurance) or to employees (Employers Liability Insurance).

19 September 2014

Motor Trade Insurance - 3 Top Tips When Working Beneath Vehicles

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Servicing and maintaining vehicles can be hazardous, but a good health and safety policy can help to reduce your Motor Trade Insurance risk and in turn your premiums!

29 August 2014

Crash & Flash-For-Cash Scams - How Are They Impacting Fleet Insurance?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Keeping your vehicles on the road and controlling cost is a key part of running a business.  Whether you run a logistics operation or a fleet of cars for your sales force, if your vehicles are off the road it can seriously impact your bottom line.  A significant and growing problem across the UK is motor insurance fraud and it is important that you educate your drivers and take steps to minimise the risk to your business as well as potential increases to your Motor Fleet Insurance.

13 August 2014

Motor Trade Made Simple - VAT Explained

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Insert a tyre screeching sound effect here! Although I can ramble on forever about business issues, ultimately I am here to share knowledge which you find useful and can apply to your own situation and business.

So if you want me to cover a specific topic or have a specific question please let me know. So this is where I go off track, I’ve been asked to cover VAT by some of our motor traders, so here we go………………………………..

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