Gadget Insurance Abroad - Tips for Taking Your Mobile on a Ski Holiday

Gadget Insurance Abroad - Tips for Taking Your Mobile on a Ski Holiday

There’s only one remedy to the January blues and that’s the annual skiing holiday! You’ve packed all the safety essentials; the salopettes are folded, the goggles are in the suitcase and your helmet is hanging from the hand luggage strap. It all sounds good so far, but have you thought about the best ways to keep your phone safe on your winter holiday?

Here are some top tips to keep your phone safe skiing… we just want to make sure nothing stops those skiing snaps from getting on your Instagram story!


1.     Does your gadget insurance cover you abroad?

Firstly, your policy wording should mention whether your gadget is covered abroad. So, when you're showing off your latest trick or trying to beat your fastest run and end up face-down with your phone poking out a lump of snow, there will be no need to panic! If you’re insured with Mobiru, no matter where you decide to ski, we offer worldwide cover and cover you for liquid damage too.

2.     Invest in a phone bungee

This could arguably be the most essential bit of ski equipment you’ll ever need. This wonderful invention permanently attaches your phone to your ski jacket pocket, so even if it slips through those numb fingers it’s not falling too far. What’s more, this means the ski lift selfies are now risk-free, apart from the silly face Uncle Pete might be pulling!

3.     Touch-sensitive gloves

There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the slope with no one else in your party insight. With the huddle of multicoloured jackets blending into one,  a quick text will do the trick to find them again. Instead of taking off your gloves to quickly punch some letters into your screen as quickly as possible, why not get yourself a pair of touch screen sensitive gloves to send messages on the go!

4 . Waterproof case

You may be lucky enough to own a top of the range waterproof phone, but if not, a waterproof case will be your best friend. Come snow, spilt après drinks or even an evening’s hot-tub splash, your phone will be safe and dry.

These are only a few ways to keep your phone safe on your next ski trip and if you want more information on phone insurance abroad, speak to one of our experts on 0330 1240730 or get a quote today