Mobile Hairdressing Insurance Explained - What is Treatment Risk?

Mobile Hairdressing Insurance Explained - What is Treatment Risk?

The insurance world tends to assume that everyone has a complete grasp on their technical jargon and small print.

However, in reality, unless you have suffered a claim, there is no real reason why you would have studied the intricacies of a mobile hairdressing insurance policy.

Our “Explained” series picks out some of the critical areas of cover for any hairdressing business and puts them into plain English.

Treatment Risk for when things go wrong!!

One area of particular risk for hair and beauty technicians is the application of hair treatments, this can be something as simple as hair colour application.  

While claims in this area are not commonplace, we have all heard horror stories of a customer ending up with a totally different colour or worse still, an injury which could leave you open to a potential claim.


What Type of Treatments Can Be Covered?

Different insurers will have varying definitions of acceptable treatments within their wording, the key is making sure that you disclose full details of your proposed work at the time you take out your hairdressing insurance policy.

Typically acceptable treatment covers include:

  • Application of bleaches, dyes, tints and perms
  • Use of electrical equipment such as straighteners, hairdryers tongs or curlers
  • Washing, cutting, styling and drying hair
  • Use of trimmers or clippers
  • Hair extensions
  • Nail polish application
  • Eyebrow/eyelash shaping, dyeing, tinting,  plucking and perming.  Cover can also be arranged to include the application of semi-permanent mascara
  • Semi-permanent eyelash extensions
  • False eyelash application

What about Piercings?

As you would expect, some Insurance Companies tend to be a little more reticent about providing insurance cover for piercing.

Generally piercing of ears using gun and stud method will be acceptable, but a specialist policy would be required for more body piercing.

Isn’t this cover under my Public Liability Insurance?

It may well be, Treatment Risk cover is effectively an extension of your Mobile Hairdressers Public Liability Insurance policy, but you need to check that cover extends accordingly.

A standard Public Liability Insurance policy protects your legal liability against claims for injury or damage as a result of the actions of you (or one of your employees) in the course of carrying out your work, this could be from a customer or a member of the public.  For example, a client slips on a wet floor and breaks her leg.

  • TOP TIP: A specialist Mobile Hairdressing Insurance policy will generally cover Public Liability, Products Liability and Treatment risk as standard.

What about Products Liability Insurance?

Products Liability Insurance provides you with indemnity for claims made against you by anyone that suffers property damage or is injured by a faulty product that your business supplies, manufactures or designs.  

Regarding hairdressing, this will apply to hair products which you supply to customers.  

You may think that the manufacturer or supplier would be responsible and while ultimately this is true, however, if they could not be traced or the product emanated from outside the EU, the claim could still fall at your feet.

  • TOP TIP: It’s not only shampoo and similar products which present a risk.  Items such as cheap hair clips from the Far East also represent significant risk and claims are more likely to be directed against you.

Take Care When Giving Away Product Samples!

It may seem like a great extension of client service to provide your client with a free sample by a new supplier so that they can try it at home.  

However, even if you give the product away without charge, you will still be liable for any potential injury or loss that emanates from the provision of the product.

While Products Liability Insurance will extend to protect you from such losses, best practice is to only provide a product that you are confident in recommending to your customers.

What about my Employees?

If you employ additional stylists or other assistants, your Public Liability and Treatment Risk cover will extend to cover them as long as you will have disclosed this to your insurers when you obtained your policy.  

If you take on an employee mid-way through your insurance, you should contact your insurer to make the necessary amendment to your cover.

If you have any employees, no matter how casual or infrequent, you are required by law to purchase Employers Liability Insurance cover,  this will indemnity you should an employee be injured during, or as a result of, their employment.  

For example, your assistant gets an electric shock from a poorly wired set of curling tongs.

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