Medical Malpractice

22 December 2015

Medical Professional Indemnity - How To Comply With Duty of Candour

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

Whether you work as a Doctor, Consultant, Nurse or any other Medical Practitioner, you have a responsibility to be honest with patients, or any person acting on their behalf — particularly when something unexpected or potentially harmful happens during their care or treatment.

A breach in your duty of care or other acquisition of negligence may lead to a claim under your Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance (malpractice), with associated costs such as policy excess and / or reputational damage.  As such, it is vital that you understand current regulation and adhere to best practice.

29 July 2015

Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance - Scrubs Safety Tips

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

Plastic surgeons or other medical professionals carrying out theatre based procedures need to exercise extreme caution to reduce the risk of infection and contamination.  Utilising scrubs best practice is critical in terms of minimising risk and reducing your exposure to Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance claims from patients suffering infection of other ill-health whilst in your care.

15 July 2015

Business Travel Insurance - Safety Tips When Travelling On Business

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business, Medical Malpractice

In the modern world of business, travel plans are typically hectic, with tight schedules and back-to-back meetings and often arranged at short notice. 

With the above in mind, it is easy to lose sight of the increased risk faced by business travellers, which can impact the safety of you or your employees.  Businesses have a duty of care for the safety of their employees during the course of their employment, with this in mind it is important to identify potential hazards, as well as purchasing the right level of Business Travel Insurance.

30 March 2015

Medical Practitioners Insurance Tips - Five Patient Handling Myths

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

If you are running a health centre or other medical clinic you are probably aware that one of the main causes of injury to your nurses and medical staff is musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  Should a member of your team suffer an injury as a result of their employment, you could be held responsible and face a compensation claim under the Employers Liability element of your Medical Practitioners Insurance.

18 March 2015

Medical Practitioners Insurance - How To Protect Your Patient Data

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

The threat of a data breach for medical practitioners and health care facilities can be significant, as you are holding patients confidential and sensitive information.   Should you suffer a data breach, not only could your practice suffer reputational damage, you could also face compensation litigation claims and regulatory fines.

Protection is available for data loss and data breach in the form of specialist Data Breach and Cyber Liability Insurance.

05 March 2015

Medical Malpractice Insurance Tips - How To Prevent Staph Infections

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

If you are a Doctor, Nurse or other medical professional working in a health care setting, you will be coming into contact with the threat of bacteria every day.  Staphylococcus aureus, simply referred to as a “staph” infection, is a type of bacteria that is commonly carried on the skin or in the nose of normally healthy individuals.

Should a patient inadvertently suffer a staph infection whilst in your care, or as a result of care or treatment you have provided, they could hold you directly responsible and seek compensation via your Medical Malpractice Insurance policy.

24 November 2014

Medical Malpractice Explained - Why You Should Obtain Informed Consent

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

It may sound obvious, but before starting any treatment on patients, medical professionals need to obtain consent.  Failure to secure AND document the necessary patient consent accurately can leave you open to challenge and a costly Professional Indemnity / Medical Malpractice Insurance claim.

04 November 2014

Medical Malpractice - What Insurance Does a Medical Professional Need?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals shoulder a huge amount of responsibility on a daily, if not hourly basis. Their job duties can sometimes even be a matter of life-and-death. Because your job as a medical professional can involve many risks, you should make sure you have robust Insurance programme including Professional Indemnity or Medical Malpractice Insurance cover to protect yourself, your business and any employees.

28 September 2014

Medical Practitioner & Nurses Professional Indemnity Insurance Explained

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Nurse Indemnity, Medical Malpractice

As a medical professional, you have enough on your mind without having to constantly worry about whether a patient will file a medical malpractice claim against you and whether the claim is valid or not. Unfortunately, in today’s increasingly litigious society, medical negligence claims are becoming more commonplace.

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, cosmetic surgeon, dentist, therapist, paramedic, nutritionist or any other type of medical professional, working in the National Health Service (NHS) or privately, you should have a solid grasp of what medical negligence is and how it affects you. With the proper cover and knowledge, you can help ensure that one mistake or false allegation does not place your job and finances at risk.