Landlord Insurance - How To Manage Your Flood Risk

Landlord Insurance - How To Manage Your Flood Risk

As a Landlord or Property Owner, some risks are easier to manage than others.  One area which is out of your control is the weather which can cause significant damage to a property through storm or flood incidents.

Recent years have seen significant increases in Landlord Insurance claims due to flood losses, and in some regions, property owners are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain flood insurance cover.


How Widespread is the Problem?

The Environment Agency (EA) estimates that over 5 million properties in England and Wales are at risk of flooding.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, at-risk properties number around 125,000 and 65,000 respectively, according to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Northern Ireland’s Rivers Agency (RA).

These numbers include properties at risk from surface water, rivers and breach of sea defences. If your property is in an area prone to flooding, make sure you have appropriate insurance and flood defences in place.

Reducing Your Risk

The best way to protect your property from flood damage is to plan appropriately and take the necessary actions to reduce risk. Here are some key recommendations to get started:

#1 Complete a flood risk assessment. Consider your area’s flood history, and where your property is located concerning bodies of water.

#2 Develop a flood plan. Establish a procedure for handling a flood at your property.

  • Assign responsibilities for actions that need to be carried out
  • Establish lines of communication for during and after a flood incident
  • Ensure critical data and records are stored safely, or even removed from the premises
  • Have contact information, including phone numbers, available for your company’s key personnel
  • Put safeguards in place to ensure that employees and visitors are not exposed to danger and can leave the premises if it is safe to do so

#3 Check your flood defences to ensure they are adequate and consider upgrading them if necessary. Defences may include:

  • Air-brick covers or other water guards for openings
  • Flood skirts around the building’s perimeter walls
  • Flood-proof doors and floorboards

Where Can I Find More Information?

If your property is in England, Scotland or Wales, you can also register for free, advance flood warnings through Floodline Warning Direct at or at

For more information about your flood risk and to view flood maps for your area, visit these websites:

  • England and Wales:
  • Scotland:
  • Northern Ireland:

Flood Insurance

If you have a standard Landlord Insurance, or Property Insurance policy, you are likely to already be covered for storm or flood damage.

However, you should take some time to review your policy documentation in detail, including any relevant policy excesses.

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