Insync Position Update - Guidance and FAQs for the Beauty Industry

Insync Position Update - Guidance and FAQs for the Beauty Industry

It has come to our attention that there has been some misunderstanding on Insync’s guidance and that some clients are not aware of our previous communications and guidance. Insync are here standing should-to-shoulder with the beauty industry lobbying HM Government to push for the clarification on reopening dates and providing greater clarity for the industry on the specifics of reopening.

The latest guidance on working safely has just been released and can be read here.

We are all in this together, and rest assure that we want all our clients, academies and partnerships to be able to start trading safely as soon as possible. Several concerns and questions have been raised by our clients and these are answered below.

Am I still insured?

YES! Even if you have taken a payment holiday, deferred payments or agreed to other payment terms on your policy your cover has NEVER stopped and you can start trading as soon as you believe you are able to.

The only reason you would not be covered is if you have received written communication direct from Insync stating that we have terminated your cover completely.

What should I do with regards to reopening, can I go back to work?

Insurance brokers and insurers cannot confirm specifically if you can reopen, this is exactly the same position for every single insurer/broker as this requires compliance with the law and health and safety guidance however, your policy is not directly connected to Covid-19, but should someone in any business work illegally, and knowingly, should a claim then be reported, it may impact the ability for any insurance to respond.  This point could only be truly tested in the event of a reported loss to insurers.

What we can say is

You should follow the Government Guidelines on reopening in your country of operation. Our advice is to follow the Government Covid-Secure Guidelines & and also advice from Health & Safety Executive (HSE), all of which is available here via the website or via the Scottish, Welsh and/or Northern Ireland Government sites.

New guidance as above has just been published here.

Once you believe you can operate legally & safely (Covid-Secure) you are then free to trade & insurance will respond to any claims as normal. If you are unsure of any specifics in terms of Health and Safety, you can refer to the HSE website here.

How do I get help paying for my insurance?

We understand it’s a difficult time and we sympathize with you, it’s a difficult time for us as well and we want to do all we can to help. Everybody’s financial situation is different and we want to make sure we are as flexible as possible and that your risks are still insured and covered so you can get back to work. If you are in need of assistance we are able to offer help in various forms, you just need to either email us or call and we can provide you with assistance.

We also have a blog and guide how you can access government cash and schemes which we have been updating as the situation has unfolded, a lot of these have worked for our clients, please visit our blog post on support for the self employed for more information.

If you have been contacted by us due to an outstanding amount due, please contact us, we completely understand your situation and are willing to help and be flexible.

Have you spoken to the insurers?

Insurers have advised that your return to work should be compliant with Government and Regulatory advice, if you are unsure you must refer to Government guidelines or your Governing Body for confirmation. Any changes in your practice with regards to PPE and infection controls must be implemented in line with Government recommendations.

Conditions within your policy will require you to observe and comply with all relevant applicable laws, obligations, requirements, regulations and codes of professional conduct. Please bear this in mind upon your return to providing treatments. For full details of conditions and exclusions please refer to your policy schedule and wording.

Who are Close Brothers Premium Finance? Are they my Insurer?

Close Brothers are not your insurance underwriter. Close Brothers are a finance company providing your finance agreement to make your insurance more affordable by spreading the payments rather than paying in a lump sum. If you have any question with regards to Close Brothers Premium Finance and payment holidays please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are your broker and we are here to support and work for you!

If you are having any issue or are still unsure what to do, please contact us so we can help and support you and your business in these difficult times. Our clients here at Insync are our main priority, its what we set Insync up for.

Yours Faithfully

Jon Norman
Managing Director