14 April 2015

Hotel & Guest House Insurance - Safety Tips For Your Buffet

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Hotel & Guest House

A buffet can be a very convenient food option for hotel guests, permitting them to select what they want and take only what they need, as well as reducing staff cost. However, if you decide to offer a buffet, you must also consider the safety precautions required to avoid cross-contamination, which can cause serious illness.

Should a guest suffer food poisoning, or similar illness, as a result of food consumed at your hotel and hold you responsible, you could face a legal compensation claim under the products liability section of your Hotel or Guest House Insurance policy.

12 April 2015

Business Insurance Tips - Risks When Dealing with Merger & Acquisition

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) can be complex, particularly for a small to medium sized business where they may not be employing a specialist M&A firm to handle the transaction.

Whilst the legal and contractual requirements are more obvious, an area often overlooked is the additional insurance risk, both for the entities themselves and the Directors and Officers of both firms. It is vital that both parties review and update their insurance covers to ensure all risks are accounted for.

In this article we will detail the steps your company should take to prepare for a merger or acquisition and define two types of insurance that may help your firm complete the deal with confidence.

09 April 2015

Charity Insurance Explained - Guide To Not-for-Profit Cover

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Charity & Not-for-Profit

The tens of thousands of charities and not-for-profit organisations throughout the UK face many risks that can result in loss, damage or liability risk, both for the charity as a whole, and the trustees.

Typical risks include damage to a charity’s property, loss of a charity asset or resources, and third party liability for public liability or professional indemnity exposures.

Part of mitigating these risks is having an appropriate Charity Insurance Policy. The following is a brief guide of different covers that typical charities should consider, but you should always take expert advice on your own individual and specific risks and exposures.

07 April 2015

Fleet Insurance Tips - How To Prevent Cargo Theft

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Whether you are a logistics, retail or manufacturing business, chances are you will need to deliver goods or supplies using your vans, lorries or HGV’s. 

Unfortunately, theft of your goods (or cargo as the insurance industry describes it) represents a significant threat to your business, not only in terms of the value of load, but also in associated lost business and profits from unfulfilled deliveries and orders.

A standard commercial vehicle or Motor Fleet Insurance policy will not normally extend to cover items carried, which is why it is advisable to arrange specialist Goods In Transit Insurance or Cargo cover.

31 March 2015

Office Insurance Tips - Should You Allow BYOD at your Company?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Office

Whilst technology is a massive enabler for mobile working and business growth, managing your data and mobile hardware brings its own challenges.  Smartphones and tablets are no longer seen as purely a tool of trade and many employees are no longer satisfied with company issued equipment.

30 March 2015

Medical Practitioners Insurance Tips - Five Patient Handling Myths

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

If you are running a health centre or other medical clinic you are probably aware that one of the main causes of injury to your nurses and medical staff is musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  Should a member of your team suffer an injury as a result of their employment, you could be held responsible and face a compensation claim under the Employers Liability element of your Medical Practitioners Insurance.

26 March 2015

UK Business Insurance Tips - What's the Best State to Open a US Office?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

There’s never been a better time for UK firms to spread their wings and trade globally.  Whether you are looking for new clients, or your existing clients are opening in new locations, non-UK business is making up an ever increasing amount of an SME firms revenues. 

25 March 2015

Motor Trade Insurance Tips - Managing Your Car Dealership IT Systems

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

Whether it’s managing your vehicle inventory, sales, parts or financing, your dealer management IT system is likely to be integral to your day-to-day motor trade operation.  The ease of processing and continued improvement of IT platforms can greatly improve your customer services levels, however, the volume of data can lead to a heightened security threat.

24 March 2015

Construction Insurance Tips - How To Avoid Electric Shocks

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Construction

As you and your employees carry out your work many construction jobs will involve the use portable power tools and you may not always give much thought about the hazards electricity can pose. That is why it is so important to take the proper safety precautions at all times to avoid on-site accidents.

Should one of your employers suffer an injury through an electric shock, they may hold you responsible for being in breach of your duty of care as an employer by providing inadequate Health and Safety precautions. Such incidents are not only extremely bad for staff morale and public relations, they can also lead to costly Employers Liability claims under your Construction Insurance policy.

23 March 2015

Cyber Liability Insurance - Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Cyber Risk

High-profile cyber-attacks on companies such as Sony and Target in the USA, has significantly raised awareness of the growing threat of hacking and cyber crime to businesses. The 2014 Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec and other cyber-security reports suggest that many small business owners are still operating under a false sense of security.  

Symantec highlight a 91% increase in targeted Cyber attacks in 2014 and without adequate Data Breach and Cyber Insurance protection your business is significantly exposed.

19 March 2015

Hotel Insurance Tips - How To Define Your Swimming Pool Safety Rules

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Hotel & Guest House

Whilst having a swimming pool at your hotel or guest house may be a great selling point which increases your occupancy rate, it can create some significant risks and liabilities to your business.

To keep staff and guests safe at your swimming pool, there should be rules for your staff to ensure that health and safety is top of mind and for guests to follow, both of which will reduce your liability exposures. 

18 March 2015

Medical Practitioners Insurance - How To Protect Your Patient Data

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

The threat of a data breach for medical practitioners and health care facilities can be significant, as you are holding patients confidential and sensitive information.   Should you suffer a data breach, not only could your practice suffer reputational damage, you could also face compensation litigation claims and regulatory fines.

Protection is available for data loss and data breach in the form of specialist Data Breach and Cyber Liability Insurance.

17 March 2015

Fleet Insurance Tips - How To Set Driving Mirrors To Improve Safety

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

The ability for your drivers to set outside mirrors effectively to eliminate blind spots is a crucial part of being a defensive driver.  Not only will this improve safety and reduce accident levels, this should also improve your long-term claims experience and lead to savings on your Motor Fleet Insurance.

It might seem simple, but mirror adjustment is fundamental to defensive driving techniques as well as overall safety. While almost all vehicles come equipped with two outside mirrors, many fleet drivers don’t set them properly, making the vehicle as dangerous as it would be if it were missing mirrors altogether.

15 March 2015

Restaurant Insurance Tips - Safety Precautions for Waiters

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

As a restaurant owner, you and your team will no doubt be working extremely hard and often long hours.   As your waiting staff are on their feet serving food and drinks all day, it can be extremely taxing on their bodies, as it puts you in awkward postures which can lead to back, shoulder and neck injuries.  

Should you not provide adequate training or support and one of your workers suffer an injury during the course of their employment, you could face a compensation claim under the employers liability section of your Restaurant Insurance.

12 March 2015

Construction Insurance Tips - How To Choose Safety Work Gloves

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Construction

Research and site inspections carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), highlighted that 40 per cent of construction sites inspected over a 4 week period did not have sufficient health and safety measures in place to properly protect workers.  

When you combine this with a further study which found that wearing gloves on the construction site reduced the relative risk of injury by 60 per cent, the benefits of this simple risk protection process is clear.  

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