18 May 2015

Cyber Liability & Office Insurance Tips - Pros & Cons of Wearable Tech

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Cyber Risk

The Apple Watch and other wearable technology is talk of the town amongst gadget lovers.  With Statista estimating that worldwide sales could reach 111.9 million in 2018, wearable tech is likely to have a significant impact on consumer lifestyles and business processes over the coming months and years.

In the excitement of innovation it is easy to overlook some of the practicalities from a risk and insurance perspective.  Cover for the device itself is important in terms of loss, damage and/or breakdown. However more significant risk can exist in terms of data loss, it is important that you understand the exposure to your business, mitigate risk, and consider Data Loss and Cyber Liability Insurance as appropriate.

13 May 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - Do You Know Your Food Allergen Requirements?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Running a busy restaurant or takeaway business is hard work and it is often difficult to keep on top of all the important regulatory changes and requirements alongside already challenging working hours.

However, it is important that key requirements in relation to food standards and handling are adhered to, or you could face prosecution or potential closure from the Food Standards Agency.  

11 May 2015

Does My Business Need Products Liability Insurance?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

If your business involves either the manufacturing or provision of food stuffs, physical or medical products, then you will be at risk from legal liabilities due to injury or illnesses caused by malfunctions or defects in a product or products you provided.

Products Liability Insurance will provide protection against such instances, including design defects or failure to adequately warn consumers about the dangers of using or applying a product. Generally, products liability cover will be included alongside Public Liability Insurance as part of your business package cover.

10 May 2015

HMO Insurance - Do I Need Alternative Accommodation Cover?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in House-in-Multiple Occupation (HMO)

The continued growth and popularity of House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties across the UK continues to assist in meeting the demand for affordable accommodation as well as providing increased rental yields for Landlords.

However, it is important that Landlords and Property Owners are fully aware of the potential increased risk exposures by ensuring that your Landlord Insurance policy provides adequate protection.

07 May 2015

Public Liability Insurance - Work at Height? Protect Those Below

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Construction, Tradesman

Whether you work in construction, electrical contracting or telecommunications, your role may involve an element of height work, the risk of injury or damage to property through on-site accidents whilst working at height is considerable increased.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report that falls from height are the most common cause of death and serious injuries in the construction industry.  Should a member of the public suffer injury or damage to property, for example, from a dropped hammer, then you could receive a significant claim under your Public Liability Insurance policy. 

06 May 2015

Manufacturers Business Insurance Tips - How To Use Machinery Safely

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

Most manufacturing businesses use a variety of machinery during the course of their day-to-day operations.  Typically this could include woodworking machinery, hammer mills, forklift trucks, compactors and conveyor belts.

All of this machinery represents a potential hazard and without careful operation and supervision, could result in damage, injury or at its worst, death to employees or third parties.  Such incidents can result in costly compensation claims and losses under the liability section of your Manufacturers Business Insurance policy.

05 May 2015

Business Insurance Tips - Managing Wood Wording Machinery Dust Risk

Written by Jon Norman

If your business operates woodworking machinery, then some of the increased health and safety and insurance risks are obvious – such as using powerful machinery and razor-sharp cutters. 

However, just as significant, but perhaps less obvious, is the risk of explosion or fire due to wood dust – which can result in significant injury to employees and claims under your Business Insurance policy.

30 April 2015

Fleet Insurance News - Are You Ready For DVLA Paper Licence Changes?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) will phase out the paper counterpart licence with effect from 8th June 2015, from which point they will only issue photocard driving licences.  The changes apply to licence holders in England, Scotland and Wales only, as licences in Northern Ireland are managed by DVA Northern Ireland.

28 April 2015

HMO Landlord Insurance Tips - How To Prevent Legionnaires Disease

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in House-in-Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Legionnaires’ disease is a form of walking pneumonia which is caused by legionella bacteria commonly found in the built-in water systems of houses, flats, office buildings and hospitals.

The impact on those infected can be severe, causing death in up to 30% of cases, rising to 50% if the disease is untreated.  

27 April 2015

Landscape Gardening Insurance Tips - Keeping Safe in The Summer

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Tradesman

Working as a Landscape Gardener both you and your employees are required to work in all types of weather conditions.  In the warm summer months, it is important to take adequate precautions against exposure to sun, heat and insect bites to avoid both short and long-term health risks.

26 April 2015

Charity Insurance Tips - Do You Comply with Duty of Candour Regulation?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Charity & Not-for-Profit

From 1st April 2015 the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has introduced the new Duty of Care Regulations.  Any organisation providing social care or health services must comply with the new rules, or face potential prosecution.

22 April 2015

Cyber Insurance News - Notable Cyber Security Cases & Fines

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Cyber Risk

The number of UK businesses falling victim to cyber crime has started to grow rapidly over the last twenty four months. Cyber attacks do not discriminate — all types of businesses large or small, rural or urban, and across all types of industry are being targeted.

It is dangerous, yet common belief amongst business owners that cyber attacks can only happen to other businesses or that the fines will be minuscule.

21 April 2015

Fleet Insurance News - HGV Speed Limits Raised in England and Wales

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

From the 6th April 2015, the Government increased the speed limit for heavy goods vehicles (HGV’s) travelling on either a single or dual carriageway in England and Wales. Previous legislation had been in place for almost 50 years, during which time vehicle safety and mechanical capability has increased significantly.

20 April 2015

Construction Insurance Tips - Practising Scaffolding Safety

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Construction

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height represent the biggest single cause of workplace fatalities in the construction industry.  Interestingly, the proportion of incidents is significantly skewed towards smaller projects.

Over 60% of deaths from height work involve falls from roofs, ladders or scaffolding.  As such, it is vital that construction firms pay particular attention to site safety when using scaffolding to avoid injury to employees or members of the public.  Claims under the liability element of your Construction Insurance from these incidents can be significant, leading large losses and associated premium increases.

16 April 2015

Property Insurance Explained - What Is Terrorism Cover?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Landlords

Sadly, the frequency, audacity and geographical reach of terrorist attacks has noticeably increased in recent years. Understandably, businesses, property owners, and insurers are concerned with mitigating the risks posed by the increasingly prevalent, damaging and random terrorist attacks.

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