29 July 2015

Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance - Scrubs Safety Tips

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

Plastic surgeons or other medical professionals carrying out theatre based procedures need to exercise extreme caution to reduce the risk of infection and contamination.  Utilising scrubs best practice is critical in terms of minimising risk and reducing your exposure to Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance claims from patients suffering infection of other ill-health whilst in your care.

25 July 2015

Hairdressing Insurance Tips - How To Avoid Staff Accidents

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Hair & Beauty

Whilst you may not think that working in a hair salon is particularly hazardous, risks still exist and without adequate awareness and risk management, your staff could still suffer workplace injuries.

Should one of you team suffer an accident and subsequent injury at work, you could face expensive compensation claims under the employers liability section of your Hairdressing Insurance policy.

On-the-job accidents can be avoided by focusing on safe practices and taking necessary and sensible precautions.

21 July 2015

Mobile Catering Insurance - What Cover Does a Mobile Caterer Need?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

The hospitality and catering industry continues to go from strength-to-strength, particularly in the mobile catering field.  Not only through food trailers and traditional catering firms, but also via the growing popularity of pop-up restaurants and food led events.   Many modern restaurants now incorporate a mobile strategy into their business model, which is a great way to promote their offering and to reach new customers.

15 July 2015

Business Travel Insurance - Safety Tips When Travelling On Business

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business, Medical Malpractice

In the modern world of business, travel plans are typically hectic, with tight schedules and back-to-back meetings and often arranged at short notice. 

With the above in mind, it is easy to lose sight of the increased risk faced by business travellers, which can impact the safety of you or your employees.  Businesses have a duty of care for the safety of their employees during the course of their employment, with this in mind it is important to identify potential hazards, as well as purchasing the right level of Business Travel Insurance.

13 July 2015

Tree Surgeon Insurance - Safety Tips When Working With Wood Chippers

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Tradesman

Wood chippers can be extremely dangerous, with blades generally running at between 1,000 and 2,000 revolutions per minute, combined with a powered feed mechanism, an accident can easily cause injury to you or your employees if it is not operated correctly.

Should one of your employees suffer injury during the course of their work, they could seek compensation against you and subsequent claims under the employers’ liability section of your Tree Surgeon Insurance.

08 July 2015

Business Insurance Tips - Workplace Cutting and Welding Safety

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

If your business is manufacturing or carrying out processes which involve cutting and welding, then you will be only too aware of the risks are dangers to you and your employees.

As an employer you have a duty of care to your staff to provide a safe working environment with adequate training and risk management.  Should one of your team suffer a workplace injury, you could be held responsible and be subject to an employers’ liability claim under your business insurance policy.

06 July 2015

Dental Surgery Insurance - Take Care When Working with Latex

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Dental Indemnity

The introduction and continuing improvement of latex gloves has considerably improved the health and safety conditions for dental patients and staff alike.  However, one area which is often overlooked is the potential for allergic reaction to the latex itself. 

Should one of your employees suffer an allergic reaction and neither you nor your dental practice has provided guidance on latex use, you could face a potential compensation claim under the employers’ liability section of your Dental Surgery Insurance.

01 July 2015

Construction Insurance Tips - Employee Risks Working in Hot Weather

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Construction, Public Liability

Working in hot weather can be particularly uncomfortable for tradesman and construction workers. In extreme cases it can be a threat to your own health and that of your employees.

If you own a construction firm you are directly responsible for the safety and well-being of your workforce – should a member of your team suffer illness or injury in extreme heat, they could hold you responsible and seek financial compensation in the form of employers’ liability claims under your Construction Insurance policy.

29 June 2015

Technology Insurance Tips - Common Risks and Hazards for Data Centres

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Cyber Risk

Whether your business has its own data centre, or you operate a data hosting or manage them on behalf of other firms, the security and protection of data is absolutely critical. 

Specialist Technology Insurance can provide appropriate risk transfer protection and peace of mind. However, prevention is always better than cure and by understanding the key vulnerabilities and risks will help your business minimise exposure and build a robust risk management framework.

24 June 2015

Restaurant Insurance Tips - How To Manage Staff Burnout

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

Working in the hectic and busy restaurant or kitchen environment can be hugely rewarding, but at times it can also be quite a stressful environment.  Restaurant owners need to be very aware of job related stress and working conditions and these can lead to absenteeism or employers’ liability claims under your Restaurant Insurance policy.

22 June 2015

Do I Need Specialist Business Travel Insurance?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

Business travel can raise many additional risks for both business owners and employees.  It is more obvious to firms when employees travel abroad that travel insurance cover is required, however in reality, trips within the UK can also pose equally significant risks.

17 June 2015

Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Safely Manage Bilingual Staff

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Takeaway

Diversity and cultural mix across the UK has been at the very core of the growth in the restaurant and takeaway industry, changing and blending the palate of the nation. 

However, managing staff who are new to the UK can bring it’s own challenges, as bilingual staff can sometimes lead to miscommunication contributing to on-the-job accidents and injuries, which may lead to employers liability claims under your Takeaway Insurance policy.

15 June 2015

Landlord Insurance Tips - Pros & Cons of Letting to Students

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Landlords

The UK university population boasts some of the oldest and most prestigious establishments in the world, attracting huge demand for places from international and home grown students alike.

The popularity of further education continues to drive the student let market, delivering resilient returns year-on-year. Yet, letting to students is not without additional risk and poses unique nuances that are not present with the average professional tenant.

With this in mind, it is important that Landlords enter the student market with their eyes open, understanding both the advantages and risks — It is also important to purchase specialist Student Landlord Insurance to ensure you are covered correctly for all eventualities.

10 June 2015

Pub Insurance Tips - Risks Associated with Private Security Personnel

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

Bars and pubs, particularly those in town centre locations offering entertainment face a number of significant risks – the combination of alcohol and a high-energy atmosphere can result in potentially dangerous disturbances that present considerable liability exposures.

While hiring doorman or private security personnel is a good way to mitigate the risk of violence at your pub, inadequately trained security staff can result in further liability issues and potential claims under the Public Liability Insurance section of your Pub Insurance policy.

08 June 2015

Pub Insurance - What Cover Do I Need For My Pub Business?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Pub & Restaurant

Whether you are buying your first public house or are an established publican, the risks when running a pub or restaurant can be significant.  From property damage to the property itself, to injury to customers or staff, claims can quickly become a significant threat to your business.

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