11 November 2015

Business Insurance Tips - #9 Need to Know 2016 Employment Law Changes

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

When you’re running a small business it can be difficult to keep on top of all the different legislative changes. However, failure to understand and take action on key employment law amendments could land you with significant fines or Business Insurance claims under your Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

27 October 2015

Charity Insurance Tips - 6 Key Legal Duties for Charity Trustees

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Charity & Not-for-Profit

In an effort to provide heightened clarity of the duties and responsibilities for Charity Trustees, in July 2015 the Charity Commission updated its guidance on the administrative and legal duties which should reasonably be expected of those undertaking this role.

Whilst adhering to the six key guidelines below cannot guarantee that trustees will not be subject to Trustees Indemnity Insurance claims under a Charity Insurance policy, they will certainly help in reducing exposure as well as assisting in defence of any action which may be raised.

16 October 2015

Shop Insurance Tips - Enforcing Your Health & Safety Plan Is Critical

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

Working in the retail industry brings some obvious hazards.  Any shop has a duty of care for the safety of its employees and customers, should a member of the public become injured as a result of your negligence you could face fines or prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as well as liability claims under your Shop Insurance policy.

07 October 2015

Landlord Insurance - Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Landlords

With effect from 1st October 2015, The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations came into force.  All landlords owning and renting property in England need to be fully aware of their responsibilities to avoid potential prosecution as well as reducing the risk of potential Landlord Insurance claims.

28 September 2015

Construction Insurance Tips - Take Care On Basement Conversions

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Construction

The ongoing housing shortage and rising house prices has significantly increased the popularity of cellar and basement conversions.  Some of these projects can be quite complex and carry dangerous risks, increasing the potential of Construction Insurance claims.

This exposure has been recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who are making strides in terms of increasing health and safety awareness for basement projects, in fact, the HSE has been performing periodic inspection campaigns since 2011.

24 September 2015

Commercial Insurance Explained - Cover for Distribution & Warehousing

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business, Sports & Leisure

Warehouses and distribution centres are a vital cog in UK business, be it the supply chain or consumer delivery.  Without sufficient support of warehousing and distribution services, many businesses’ would not be able to trade effectively leading to significant financial losses or even closure.

16 September 2015

Construction Insurance Tips - CDM 2015 Regulations Are You Complying?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Construction

If you work in the building and construction industry, you will be aware that with effect from 6th April 2015, new regulations came into force to manage the health, safety and welfare of construction projects in the form of the new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015 Regulations).

The reform is intended to improve on previous health and safety standards in order to reduce the risk of construction worker injury. However, rather than supplementing the CDM 2007 Regulations, the new version supersedes all the previous procedures and rules.  With this in mind, it is important that business owners or site managers working in the construction industry are fully aware of the requirements and the risk of non-compliance.

10 September 2015

Construction Insurance Tips - Why It Pays To Plan Before You Dig!

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Construction

Damage to underground services on construction sites, either through ground-working, or other on-site digging can be a significant cause of Construction Insurance claims.

The key to safe digging is understanding where underground services are buried before starting any project. Underground services can include cables, wires, pipelines and other equipment used by telecommunication, electricity, gas or water service providers.

Building contractors, ground workers, site engineers or any other contractor looking to undertake on-site digging should ensure that they contact utility companies and service providers to find out what underground services are below or near their site, and plan their work accordingly.

07 September 2015

Cyber Insurance Tips - #10 Government Tips for Online Cyber Security

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Cyber Risk

According to the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills reported that a staggering 90 per cent of large organisations had experienced some form of cyber breach during the last 12 months.

When reviewing the worst individual security breach for each company, the average cost per firm was between £1.46 million and £3.14 million.

Whilst the data for small businesses is much more difficult to maintain as correct data breach records are not always kept, or made available, the report still highlighted 74 per cent of firms which have experienced a security breach in 2014.  For small firms the average cost of a breach was £75,000 and £311,000 for their worst breach.  Without adequate Cyber Insurance, many small firms would not be in a financial position to recover from such losses.

01 September 2015

Office Insurance Tips - How To Manage Workplace Anxiety

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Office

According to the Mental Health Foundation, nearly 30 percent of employees will have a mental health problem in any given year.  The majority of issues will be related to anxiety and depressive disorders, many of which can be related directly back to the workplace.

Not only can these issues increase absenteeism, they can also cause lead to compensation claims under the employers’ liability section of your Office Insurance policy.

19 August 2015

Convenience Shop Insurance - Common Health and Safety Risks

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

It might sound obvious, but not all convenience stores are the same. The varying size from a traditional corner shop to large multi-site supermarket make the risk profile very different.

Other key factors include the location itself, be it town centre or rural, to the type of products or stock – for example, whether a store stocks cigarettes or alcohol.

Whilst these risk factors may impact the frequency or size of the health and safety exposure, the fundamental profile of risk remains the same and how you manage and reduce this risks can directly impact your Convenience Shop Insurance premiums.

13 August 2015

Electrical Contractors Insurance - Reduce Ergonomic Workplace Injuries

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Tradesman

As an Electrical Contractor you are often working in confined spaces and with a number of manual and power tools.  It is important to carefully consider the variety of health and safety risks, particularly in relation to ergonomic related injuries, as these can often lead to significant compensation claims from current or previous insurers under the employers’ liability section of your Electrical Contractors Insurance policy.

06 August 2015

Nursing Agency Indemnity Insurance - Staff Care When Lone Working

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Nurse Indemnity

Self-employed or agency nurses often deal with a wide range of activities and locations, often working remotely which can pose a threat to your personal health and safety.

These type of risks are often enhanced whilst you are lone working, due to the lack of immediate support of colleagues or security personnel which exist in a typical medical centre environment.

03 August 2015

Landlord Insurance Explained - Are You Ready for MEES Regulations?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Landlords

On 26th March 2015, new energy efficiency regulations were passed in law relating to the private rental sector in England and Wales.  These regulations are better known as Minimum Energy Efficiency standards (MEES).  

Whilst the majority of these regulations will not apply until 2018, tenants can make requests directly to Landlords from 1st April 2016, as such, it is important that property owners are making early provision to meet the new requirements.

29 July 2015

Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance - Scrubs Safety Tips

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Medical Malpractice

Plastic surgeons or other medical professionals carrying out theatre based procedures need to exercise extreme caution to reduce the risk of infection and contamination.  Utilising scrubs best practice is critical in terms of minimising risk and reducing your exposure to Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance claims from patients suffering infection of other ill-health whilst in your care.

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