28 February 2014

Police Crackdown on Motor Trade Insurance

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Motor

According to our friends at Car Dealer Magazine, the Police have launched an operation called “Rogue Trader” to investigate and prosecute any Motor Trade dealers misusing their road risks insurance cover

28 February 2014

Public liability insurance - What exactly is it?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Business

Business Insurance is a world full of jargon and insurance geek speak, however, if you undress the initial complexity, the concepts are very simple and liability cover is no different.

28 February 2014

Myths about Landlord Insurance

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Landlords

Like football transfers or the forthcoming plot in Eastenders, Insurance is one of those subjects where everybody has an opinion or story to tell. As time goes by, and the network of Chinese whisperers expands, the truth can become lost in translation.  Not such an issue if Ronaldo doesn’t end up signing for Peterborough United, or Grant doesn’t return to the Queen Vic, but in the more complex world of commercial insurance, the potential impact could have much more significance.

We’ve compiled some of the common misconceptions about Landlord Insurance that we hear from our clients.

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