What Makes A Good Insurance Policy?

What Makes A Good Insurance Policy?

That time has rolled round again to renew your insurance policy, you’ve done your research and got your top three options, but which one should you go with? What makes good insurance cover? The price? The name? The reviews?

In general, the more comprehensive and thorough a policy is, the more protected your business will be. But that often comes at a cost. A recent study into the most important factors when picking cover revealed that just 38% of SMEs said they would pick an insurance policy based on the scope, and that the price was the most important factor. While cost is an important consideration, it is essential that you do not expose your business to potential risks by not having sufficient cover, as this could be detrimental to your business’ success.

If you're unsure about which insurance your business needs then get in touch with Insync. We can also give a second opinion on whether your cover is sufficient and provide bespoke solutions to meet your business needs.

So, what makes a good insurance policy? Finding the perfect balance.

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