What Is Motor Fleet Insurance? And Do I Need It?

What Is Motor Fleet Insurance? And Do I Need It?

Simply put, motor fleet insurance is cover for multiple business vehicles on a single policy. These can be all the same type of vehicle, or a combination of cars, vans and trucks. Many insurers offer cover for fleets of at least 5 vehicles, however here at Insync we can cover fleets with 3+ vehicles.

As with private car insurance policies, cover can be third party only, third party fire and theft, or fully comprehensive. You can also choose whether the policy covers any driver to drive any vehicle, or whether specific named drivers can only drive those specified vehicles. This gives businesses greater flexibility on the level of cover and corresponding costs.

All business owners who have three of more vehicles in business use should consider fleet insurance as it is often more cost effective than insuring them separately. Motor fleet insurance also simplifies the process and can remove the hassle of the wrong person driving the wrong vehicle, if you opt for a policy that covers all driver and all vehicles.

To get a free motor fleet insurance quote from Insync click here. Or for more information on motor fleet insurance or to speak to one of our insurance gurus contact us today.

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