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When you don’t have physical premises it can be easy to forget about business insurance or to not fully understand exactly where potential risks exist.  If you own or run a mobile hairdressing business, you will know that you need insurance.  In this edition of our “Health Check” series we look at mobile hairdressing insurance and identify the typical associated risks which you may need to consider.

Public Liability Insurance

If you have ever rented a chair in a salon or worked at commercial premises, you will probably have been asked to provide a copy of your liability insurance policy before your first visit, certainly before you got paid!

Public Liability protects your legal liability against claims for injury or damage as a result of the actions of you (or one of your employees) in the course of carrying out your work, this could be from a customer or a member of the public.  For example, a client’s husband trips over the cable from your dryer and breaks his leg.

  • TOP TIP: A specialist Mobile Hairdressing Insurance policy will normally cover Public Liability, Products Liability and Treatment risk as standard.

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Treatment Risk Insurance

If you are applying any kind of hair or beauty treatment then you need to ensure that your Public Liability Insurance extends to cover treatment risk as this can often be excluded on a basic liability policy.  Indemnity for treatment risk will cover any claim made against you for injury or damage as a result of treatments applied. For example, you use a new type of hair dying technique and the customer suffers burning to the scalp. 

The key with treatment insurance is to ensure that you have notified your insurers of the specific areas of work you will be carrying out.  For example if you start conducting beauty treatments or nail work in addition to hair treatments then you should notify your insurers before you conduct the work. 

Products Liability Insurance

Products Liability Insurance provides you with indemnity for claims made against you by anyone that suffers property damage or is injured by a faulty product that your business either manufactures, supplies or designs.  Specifically, in terms of hairdressing, this will apply to hair products which you have sold (or provided free) to customers.  You may think that the manufacturer or supplier would be responsible, and while ultimately this is true, in the event that they could be not be traced or the product emanated from outside the EU, the claim could still fall at your feet. 

  • TOP TIP: It’s not only shampoo and similar products which present risk.  Items such as cheap hair clips from the Far East also represent significant risk as claims are more likely to be directed against you.

Employers Liability Insurance

If you have any employees, no matter how casual or infrequent, you are required by law to purchase Employers Liability cover,  this will indemnity you should an employee be injured during, or as a result of, their employment.  For example, your assistant gets an electric shock from a poorly wired set of curling tongs.

Tools, Equipment, Stock / Goods in Transit

Whether you operate from home or completely mobile, you should consider covering your equipment, it’s surprising how much it would cost should you need to replace it all in one go.  If you hold any stock, make sure this is also protected.  

  • TOP TIP: If you leave equipment in your car overnight, check your policy documents to make sure that it doesn’t carry a restriction or exclusion on overnight theft cover.

Car or Van Insurance

If your car or van is used in connection with your work, it’s important that you have the correct level of business use noted on your motor insurance.  A standard social domestic and pleasure policy will not cover you for visiting clients or any other journey undertaken in relation to your business.

  • TOP TIP: Minimise loss of earnings and keep yourself mobile following an accident by making sure your policy includes the facility for a courtesy vehicle  and that it is large enough to carry all your equipment. 

Personal Accident and Sickness

Your hands are quite literally your main tool of trade.  If you are injured or fall ill, either job related or through another activity such as sport, you may not be able to work and this will directly impact your income.  A Personal Accident and sickness policy will provide a lump sum payment for permanent illness or injuries (such as a loss of limb) and a weekly benefit payment for temporary incidents (for example a broken leg following a skiing accident).

Home Office / Premises

If you own premises then you will need to cover contents, stock and any fixtures and fittings etc. Specialist Home Business policies are available covering legal liabilities, stock and business equipment in one simple package. If you are a completely mobile business, you may have a home office for carrying out paperwork or the dreaded bookkeeping! 

  • TOP TIP: Most home insurance policies can be extended to cover business equipment, often free of charge, but it is important that you inform your insurers.  If you have more extensive requirements or a storage unit, then a home business policy may be more suitable to cover stock and business items.

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Hopefully you have found some of this information useful, but every business is different.  As such, you may want to take advantage of our FREE Hairdressing Insurance review service.  You can book a slot that suits YOUR diary via our website, or call one of our insurance gurus on 0330 124 0730.

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