Cyber Tips for Business Trips

Cyber Tips for Business Trips

When working on the go or travelling for work, it has become more important than ever before to take extra precautions to stay cyber safe. With more and more people relying on technology each day, cyber crime is becoming increasingly important as it can be detrimental to businesses and their reputations.

Staying safe while travelling now involves much more than simply locking valuable possessions in a hotel safe, as cyber criminals are often more interested in the data on your devices opposed to the physical devices themselves. So much so that cyber crime is just as harmful as conventional crime.

When packing for your next business trip, make sure your follow this simple checklist to protect yourself and your belongings:

  • Shut down all work and home computers. Computers that are left on are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  • Back up all data. Data can be stored in the cloud or on physical devices locked in a secure storage such as safes.
  • Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi. If you need to access the web while travelling ensure you use a secure connection; if you have no choice but to use an unsecured connection avoid visiting websites that ask for personal information such as banking.
  • Enable login verification. Adding a passcode to your smartphone, laptop, and other devices as well as separate logins to apps and software once on the device, adds additional levels of security should they be lost or stolen.
  • Opt for credit over debit card payments. Credit cards are much more secure as cyber criminals can deplete your bank account with a debit card.

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