How Homeworking Could Invalidate Your Insurance

How Homeworking Could Invalidate Your Insurance

You probably already know that if you are self-employed and are working from home, whether as part of social distancing or something you regularly do, you will need to inform your home insurance provider to ensure cover is provided and have a business policy in place to pick up things such as general trade specific liability coverage, etc.

However, when it comes to employees working at home as part of social distancing, who is responsible for insurance?

Firstly, if you are the employee, all you need to do is contact your home insurance provider and inform them of the situation.

They will help you get the right cover.

If you are the employer, however, there will be some adjustments you will need to make.

Firstly, you will need to inform your insurance broker about the change in working arrangements as this could affect several things.


Most importantly, it could potentially invalidate your Employers’ Liability insurance if you do not have adequate cover. You, as an employer, need to be mindful of resultant HSE legislation regarding home working and workstation set up for employees.

If you have provided your employee with equipment, such as a laptop, and that laptop causes an electrical fire which results in injuries or damage to property, you could be found negligent.

In which case, the resulting awards and costs would fall upon you.

You should PAT test all equipment before you send it home with employees to prevent accidents and ensure it is safe to use.

Similarly, employees taking equipment home may result in gaps in cover for your contents & equipment cover so informing your broker of these changes are essential.


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