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14 April 2015

Hotel & Guest House Insurance - Safety Tips For Your Buffet

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Hotel & Guest House

A buffet can be a very convenient food option for hotel guests, permitting them to select what they want and take only what they need, as well as reducing staff cost. However, if you decide to offer a buffet, you must also consider the safety precautions required to avoid cross-contamination, which can cause serious illness.

Should a guest suffer food poisoning, or similar illness, as a result of food consumed at your hotel and hold you responsible, you could face a legal compensation claim under the products liability section of your Hotel or Guest House Insurance policy.

19 March 2015

Hotel Insurance Tips - How To Define Your Swimming Pool Safety Rules

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Hotel & Guest House

Whilst having a swimming pool at your hotel or guest house may be a great selling point which increases your occupancy rate, it can create some significant risks and liabilities to your business.

To keep staff and guests safe at your swimming pool, there should be rules for your staff to ensure that health and safety is top of mind and for guests to follow, both of which will reduce your liability exposures. 

10 November 2014

Bar & Restaurant Insurance - How To Avoid Slip and Trip Accidents

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Hotel & Guest House, Pub & Restaurant

In today's litigious society insurance claims for slips and trips continue to rise, either from injury to staff (Employers Liability) or to members of the Public (Public Liability).  Depending on the extent of the injury, some losses can be significant, which in turn can result in significant increases in your Bar or Restaurant Insurance premium.