Hairdressing Insurance Tips - What Cover Do I Need For A Barbers Shop?

Hairdressing Insurance Tips - What Cover Do I Need For A Barbers Shop?

A Barber is one of the oldest professions in the UK and while a Barbers Shop is now widely regarded as a hairdressing salon specialising in men's hair, its historical insurance risk would have previously looked very different.

Barbers were previously known as “barber surgeons”, carrying out surgery and dentistry as well as cutting and trimming facial hair. I’m not sure the current Hairdressing Insurance policies would look to cover teeth being pulled from the barber’s chair, but it would certainly be a talking point!

However, a Barbers Shop Insurance package can be tailored to provide cover for all of the key requirements for a modern day barbers’ business under one roof.


Property, Contents and Stock

If you own the freehold of your shop premises, you will generally need to insure the buildings (bricks and mortar) of the property against perils such as fire, theft, flood and subsidence. Other typical areas of the property you should look to cover will include your business contents and stock such as hair products or accessories.

Property cover can be extended to cover business interruption, which provides reimbursement of lost profits and fixed costs following an insured loss, such as a fire or flood, whereby the barbershop cannot trade, or trade is reduced.

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance provides protection against your legal liabilities from injury or damage to property following the actions of you or one of your employees.  For example, a customer slips on a wet floor and breaks their arm and seeks compensation for your business.

Treatment Risk Extension

Injuries, or accusation of injury, from customers who have undergone haircuts or other hair treatment, would be covered under a “Treatment Risk Extension” to the Public Liability section of your Barbers Insurance.  For example, a customer is cut while shaving and claims scarring to their face.

Employers Liability

If you have any employees (including temporary employees or weekend staff), then you are legally required to purchase Employers Liability Insurance.  Employers Liability protects your legal liability following injury to employees during the course of their employment with you.  For example, one of your staff falls from a step while stacking hair products and fractures their pelvis.


Products Liability

If you sell shampoo or other hair products, you should consider cover for Products Liability.  This will provide indemnity for injury or illness to individuals following the use of a product you have provided.  A typical claim would include someone having a severe skin reaction to shampoo and suffering scalding to their scalp.

Glass / Shop Front

A common claim for a Barbers Shop is glass breakage to the shop front, typically due to malicious damage.  Large areas of glass can be expensive to replace, as such, it is important to ensure you have the correct level of cover to protect your business against such incidents.

Other Areas of Cover

Other typical areas of cover include Money, Legal Expenses and Personal Accident Insurance.  The key is ensuring that your policy is tailored to your individual business requirements.

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