Hairdressing Insurance - How to Prevent Pain Working at the Salon

Hairdressing Insurance - How to Prevent Pain Working at the Salon

According to the Labour Force Survey (LFS), 40% of all work-related illnesses involved some form of stress.

As such, it is vital that Salon owners are aware of the potential problems which can arise and how to adapt working conditions to minimise the impact your your business.

Standing on your feet for extended periods every day can harm your body over time. When you hold a fixed position, engage in repetitive movements and fail to wear proper footwear, you risk significant damage to your body.  

Not only is this bad for the health of both you and your employees, but it can also reduce productivity and increase the risk of potential liability claims under your Hairdressing Insurance.


What Are The Most Common Injuries?

Here are some of the most common injuries suffered by those in the cosmetology industry:

#1 Poor working postures

Example: Back bent or twisted to wash client's hair; arms out to the side while giving a massage; shoulders raised while giving a trim.

#2 Repetitious Movements Over a Long Period of Time

Example: Prolonged sitting or standing while performing services; filing nails; applying hair colour for an extended period.

#3 Carrying Heavy Loads

Example: Holding a heavy blow dryer away from your body or moving a large box of products from one area to another.

#4 Individualised Factors

Example: Wearing shoes with a heel that does not provide adequate support or not taking short breaks to let the body recuperate.

  • Give yourself enough room around furniture and equipment to move about freely.
  • Use an adjustable chair to avoid working with your arms above your shoulders.
  • Place tools and styling products within reach and at waist height.
  • Work as close to the client as possible to avoid excessive bending and reaching.
  • Alternate between tasks to give your muscles a rest. For instance, cut hair, then sweep, then fold towels.
  • Take a short break every hour to stretch out your muscles.

TOP TIP – Dress for Health

It is not just comfortable shoes which can protect your health, wearing comfortable clothes can help too!

If your clothes are too tight or too restrictive, your body will have to strain to reach and perform work tasks.

This can cause injuries and pains unnecessarily and in the case of employees, employers liability claims on your Hairdressing Insurance.

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