Hairdressers - Delight your clients & keep them coming back for more!

Hairdressers - Delight your clients & keep them coming back for more!

If you're a self-employed hairdresser or salon owner, find out how you can delight your clients and keep them coming back time-after-time!

Competition on the High Street, or for mobile hairdressing customers, has never been so fierce, it’s now not enough just being a great stylist, you need to be a savvy marketer and business owner to keep ahead of the competition.

Here are some of our top tips to delight your clients and turn them into advocates – imagine your own direct sales force promoting your business!!

Your Appointment Book

A tried and tested physical appointment book is all well and good, but business has moved on, and customers now expect a more modern approach.  

A system driven diary system can be created quickly and cheaply, which will store booking electronically and even connect to your website so that clients can book or amend appointments online.

Using a manual system is also open to error, or worse still loss or damage to the book which could significantly impact your business, all of which is unlikely to be covered by your hairdressing insurance policy.


Are you utilising a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool?

How is just having an electronic appointment book going to delight your clients you might ask?

Well on its own it won’t, but by developing it into a fully-fledged CRM, you can really start to make each client feel special by personalising your approach.

A modern CRM system will store all information about your client base including their Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.).

This provides you and your team with a much deeper insight into their world and their experience with you much more personal.

Imagine spending five minutes at the start of each day to quickly review your appointments social media activity. You would know that Jo has a new job or car before they even arrive, it’s Susan’s birthday party tomorrow, you can grab a card before she even arrives!  

This is only scratching the surface of possibilities as the key is regular ongoing engagement, not just at the time of appointments. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Data tags can be put in place around interests, allowing email campaigns to be much more targeted and individual. If you know a client likes a particular product, you can email them automatically when you think it will be running low.
  • Set a social search for weddings, parties and events across your existing clients and contact them to offer appointments and offer discounts to their friends.
  • Set the system to automatically flag birthdays, anniversaries and other life events – clients will be delighted that you remembered!
  • From your social media listening, you notice that one of your customers has just had a baby – send a congratulations email & offer a home visit if they can’t make it to the salon. Maybe not a huge earner, but the customer will be amazed and start to promote your business to friends and colleagues.

Many CRM platforms are available, and you should review which one will integrate effectively with your current systems. Check out our friends at Nimble for some more ideas.

Be Proactive, not reactive

Customers are increasingly busy in their daily lives if you wait for them to come to you, you could be leaving the door open for the competition.

You can use your CRM system and your website to help manage customer engagement proactively using automation.  


Here are a few ideas which we have seen work very effectively and can be easily created:

  • Regular hair, colour or appointment scheduling contact via the clients' preferred engagement method (Email, SMS, Facebook messaging etc.)
  • Automatic booking from email/website
  • Text reminders to reduce no-shows and add to the customer experience
  • Recommend a friend scheme & both receive 10% off your next haircut

Minimise risk & downtime to systems and your website

At Insync, we take great pride in helping our clients develop and grow their business, we like to think of ourselves more as business partners than hairdressing insurance brokers.  

However, it would be remiss of us not to highlight the increased dependency risk as the internet and your website become your best salesman!

If your website or IT system is hacked or suffers a virus, you could incur significant expense to replace IT servers and reinstall data.

Your client list and booking schedule is the heartbeat of your business, and these types of losses are not covered under a standard hairdressing insurance policy.

Still, in recognition of the changing world, our Cyber Insurance policy will:

  • Protect your business and cover the repair or replacement expenses to your network, systems or website
  • Cover breach of privacy for loss of customer data, either by hackers or employee mishandling. Compare Hairdressing Insurance

Free Insurance Review

At Insync Insurance, you can compare mobile hairdressing insurance quotes online in minutes from up to 10 of the UK’s leading business insurance companies.

We also have several specialist schemes for salon-based hairdressing insurance – the digital service you’ve craved at prices you will love!

If you need advice or would prefer to speak to one of our business insurance Gurus, you can arrange a FREE review of your Hairdressers Insurance automatically via our website at a time that suits YOUR diary.

Alternatively, call 01200 309516 for more information, we would love to hear from you!