Hair Salon Insurance Tips - Do I Need Competition or Exhibition Cover?

Hair Salon Insurance Tips - Do I Need Competition or Exhibition Cover?

Entering a competition or attending a hair and beauty exhibition can give your salon a considerable boost, not only in terms of keeping up with the latest styles and trends but from a brand and PR perspective it can make you really stand out from the competition.

However, it is easy to forget the more mundane and practical tasks associated with these events, such as ensuring your Hairdressing Insurance or Salon Insurance package provides all the necessary cover to protect your assets.

Work Away Extension

Working away from your salon is not always provided as standard by some insurance providers. Unless this extension is present, your salon policy may only offer Public Liability cover while you (or your employees) are working at your premises.

If you are thinking of attending a competition or exhibition, check your policy wording carefully to make sure that the appropriate policy extension is operative.


Treatment Risk

Salon and Hairdressing Insurance packages will usually provide treatment risk as standard.  

This provides you with indemnity should a client (or model in the case of a competition) suffer injury as a result of your application of hair treatments. For example, you misapply a colouring agent which causes damage to a clients scalp.

Some hairdressing insurance policies carry restrictions in terms of the specific treatments which can be covered.

Again, this is an area for review, particularly if you are looking to use a new technique in a competition which may not form part of your regular day-to-day work.

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance for Hairdressers covers your legal liabilities for injury or damage to property suffered by a member of the public in the course of your work.  For example, a client slips on a wet floor and breaks their ankle.

If you have the appropriate competition and exhibition cover in place, then this will be extended to work away from your salon.

However, if you are carrying out other types of work as part of the exhibition, it is important that you make your insurers aware - for example, erecting stands.

Employers Liability

If any of your staff are attending competitions or exhibitions, you have a duty of care for their safety as their employer.  

Should they suffer injury or illness as a result of their employment you could be held responsible and suffer a claim under your employer's liability insurance - for example, an exhibition stand falls on top of them.

Check that your policy makes provision for employees working away from the salon and also consider employee safety during travel to and from the venue.

Equipment and Stock Cover

Whether you are attending a competition or exhibition, chances are you will be taking business equipment or stock with you.  

As with liability cover, normally equipment is only covered at the salon, if you are taking equipment away from the property, you would need cover to be extended accordingly (generally on an “All Risks” basis) to cover these items.

If you are hiring any equipment or stands, check carefully with the hiring company to ascertain who is responsible for the items.  

If the small print denotes that you are responsible, you may be able to extend your policy to cover these items while they are in your possession.


Products Liability

An exhibition can be an excellent opportunity to raise some funds by selling hair products to attendees.  However, if you plan to do this, make sure your hairdressing insurance policy extends to cover adequate products liability cover and also ensure you review any specific policy conditions carefully with your insurance advisor.

Products liability protects your legal liability should someone suffer injury as a result of a product you have supplied.  For example, someone purchases a hair gel from you and suffers a skin complaint.

TOP TIP - Don’t forget that you are also liable for products supplied even if you do not charge for the product and give them away for free.

Foreign Travel

In today’s modern world, competitions and exhibitions may also occur outside of the UK. In these circumstances, you should ensure that your liability insurance territorial limits extend to cover either EU or Worldwide as appropriate, you may find some standard policies are restricted to the UK only.

If employees are travelling abroad, make sure that you take appropriate risk assessments in terms of safety of locations, hotels and travel arrangements.  

You may also want to consider business travel insurance as a standard travel insurance policy may not extend to cover business trips.


Motor Cover

If you, or your employees, are using a personal vehicle to travel to an exhibition or competition, you should ensure that your motor policy extends to cover the appropriate level of business use.

Most standard car insurance policies are typically issued on a “Social Domestic and Pleasure plus Commuting” basis, and without the required business use extension you could find yourself without coverage in the event of an accident or loss.

Review Your Policy Limits

We would always recommend that you review sums insured and policy limits regularly, but this is particularly important if you are attending competitions or exhibitions.  

Some venues may impose a minimum Public Liability Indemnity limit of £5,000,000, you should check any formal requirements in the exhibitor documentation.

If you are working on professional models at a competition, you may also want to increase your policy limit to ensure you have adequate protection. As a permanent injury to their face could, at worse, be career-threatening and claims could be significant.

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