Fast food Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Avoid Fryer Burns

Fast food Takeaway Insurance Tips - How To Avoid Fryer Burns

If you run a takeaway business, chances are that you and your employees are operating a frying range or deep fat fryers daily.  

Fryers are a leading cause of burns for food service staff, often leading to Employers Liability claims under your Fast Food Takeaway Insurance policy.

It is not only when cooking that employees risk burns, similar exposures exist when cleaning fryers and vents; contact with hot splashing oil is also a serious hazard.

How To Reduce the Risk

To prevent burn injury, your first line of defence is to exercise extreme caution around the fryer and oil.  

Make sure all employees are supervised and adequately trained as to how to operate the fryer before they are allowed to use it.

Once employees are adequately trained, the appropriate uniform should be worn at all times.

A long-sleeved cotton shirt, long trousers and an apron will all shield the body from hot oil splashes.


Safety Tips During Cooking

  • Use the correct grease level and cooking temperature.
  • Never put water or ice into the fryer as it may cause a flare-up.
  • Do not overfill the fryer with frozen foods as it may cause the oil to splash and bubble over.
  • Make sure the floor beneath your feet is completely dry to avoid slipping and bumping into the fryer.

Clean-Up Tips

  • Wear gloves and use a scraper when cleaning the fryer and hood.
  • Avoid reaching over or climbing on top of fryers to clean them.
  • Since these appliances are dangerous to operate, make sure you know how to operate a class F fire extinguisher, which is used to put out oil and grease fires.
  • In the event of a fire, you and your fellow employees must act fast to prevent further damage and protect yourselves against injuries.

Look Out For Carbon Monoxide

If your Takeaway uses portable frying units, employees could also be exposed to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning should the exhaust system malfunction.  

Look out for workers complaining of confusion, headaches, nausea or dizziness, all of which can be a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning and urgent medical assistance should be requested.

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