Dental Indemnity

06 July 2015

Dental Surgery Insurance - Take Care When Working with Latex

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Dental Indemnity

The introduction and continuing improvement of latex gloves has considerably improved the health and safety conditions for dental patients and staff alike.  However, one area which is often overlooked is the potential for allergic reaction to the latex itself. 

Should one of your employees suffer an allergic reaction and neither you nor your dental practice has provided guidance on latex use, you could face a potential compensation claim under the employers’ liability section of your Dental Surgery Insurance.

18 February 2015

Dental Surgery Insurance - Tips On Safe Working With Anaesthetics

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Dental Indemnity

As a Dentist or Dental Nurse you are potentially exposed to a dangerous level of waste anaesthetic gases that can leak into the surrounding room during dental procedures.  Exposure to anaesthetic gases could potentially hinder your ability to safely carry out a procedure. 

Equally as concerning is the potential impact of long-term health effects - should your employees suffer illness as a direct result of their work you could be subject to employers liability insurance claims under your Dental Surgery Insurance policy.