Business Travel Insurance - Safety Tips When Travelling On Business

Business Travel Insurance - Safety Tips When Travelling On Business

In the modern world of business, travel plans are typically hectic, with tight schedules and back-to-back meetings and often arranged at short notice.

With the above in mind, it is easy to lose sight of the increased risk faced by business travellers, which can impact the safety of you or your employees.  Businesses have a duty of care for the safety of their employees during the course of their employment, with this in mind it is important to identify potential hazards, as well as purchasing the right level of Business Travel Insurance.


Risk Assessment & Safety Tips

The following tips should help you to develop a business travel risk assessment framework as well as some common-sense tips and best practices to remind your employees to “think safe” while travelling on business.

#1 Taxis

Beware of unlicensed taxis. Using an unlicensed taxi driver can force you to pay an exorbitant rate and threatens your safety.  Only hail taxis from legitimate taxi ranks and pay particular attention at airports where unlicensed drivers will often try to target passengers in the terminal.

#2 Keep Your Mobile & Laptop Safe

Thieves will target mobiles, laptops and tablets as these can be easily sold on as well as providing access to business data.  Do not leave your devices unattended, if you need to leave them in your hotel room we would suggest you utilise a locked safe whenever possible.

Keep your mobile charged and in your person at all times – this is your access to help and assistance while travelling and should contain contact details for the emergency services and your insurers at all times.

#3 Hotel Safety

Follow simple safety precautions at your hotel.  This includes requesting an upper-floor room with an interior entryway to deter anyone from breaking into your room.

It is also advisable to keep your surname and room number secret to prevent anyone from making fraudulent charges to your room account, or even gaining unauthorised access to your room.


#4 Beware of Strangers

Take particular care when talking to strangers, fraudsters will often target single travellers. You may unknowingly disclose personal or sensitive information by becoming so comfortable that you do not realise your new ‘friend’ just stolen your wallet or credit cards.

#5 Care with Alcohol

After a long and tiring flight or drive, there is always a temptation to hit the bar or pub and enjoy a few drinks in your new surroundings. Again, criminals will often target travellers drinking alone and in some countries are commonly targeted by gangs spiking drinks.

Try to limit your alcohol intake, not only to help you avoid any legal or personal mishaps, but also to ensure you are fully rested and prepared for the next day’s business meetings.

#6 Safe Internet Access

The pressure of ongoing email traffic and access to office systems can also tempt individuals to use open Wi-Fi connections where security is not guaranteed. Cyber criminals can disguise fake connections as legitimate ones in public places in an attempt to steal your sensitive data. Ask your hotel or business associates to identify the official Wi-Fi connection for you and avoid open connections at all times.

#7 Develop a Business Travel Plan

As well as developing a travel risk assessment, it is also sensible to develop a travel plan ahead of each trip to avoid any potential emergencies or unexpected setbacks. The plan should include information such as your hotel booking number, your flight data and your co-workers’ contact details, together with your travel insurers claims report line and emergency helpline.

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