Business Resolutions 2021: It's Not Too Late To Set Your New Year's Goals

Business Resolutions 2021: It's Not Too Late To Set Your New Year's Goals

We're nearly one month into 2021, and it's already been quite the time. With all the goings-on, it's been easy to neglect to make the usual new years resolutions. The big secret about resolutions is that, in fact, we don't need any particular time to make them but the first month of a new year is a good start.

It can be positive to make plans for the new year. It allows us to reflect on our past mistakes and aim towards self-improvement.

They can be anything from making your first million as a business to remembering to eat three meals a day - or both. You arguably can't make that million without your breakfast.

Posture - Sit for Success

Any HR guide will include documentation about proper posture when sitting at your desk. When we were all in the office during simpler times, it was easier to keep accountable for our posture. Depending on your office, you might have got some funny looks for taking off your shoes and sitting on your feet, however, in your private office, who's going to judge you? The cat?

This year we have all found ourselves working somewhere we maybe shouldn't be - whether it be the sofa, a beanbag or with our feet up on the desk and it's playing havoc with our bodies.

While it might seem like a small 2021 goal, sitting correctly can have a lasting impact on your back and joints for the rest of your life. Try setting yourself reminders on your computer or leave post-it notes up to check your posture.

Turn your Hobby into a Side-Hustle

If anyone's ever told you "those are really cool! you should make this into a business!" when discussing your crafts or baking, now might be the time.

While monetising your hobbies is not for everyone; in fact, it's important to have passions that are just for enjoyment, many people have made successful businesses out of hobbies turned online stores or services.

In a time where e-commerce is king, there are not many barriers to selling your products online on an Etsy store or similar.

Chilled Evenings

On a completely different note, maybe this year you need to do less. 2020 saw more people working from home than ever and, as a result, the work-life balance got blurred.

If you work on evenings and weekends, perhaps your 2021 resolution should be to make healthy habits and relaxation a priority.

Build a Website

If you're not already online, now is the time to be. If you're a small business relying solely on social media profiles, setting yourself up a simple webpage that represents your brand can go a long way in customer acquisition. At the very least, it will give them something official to click on if they do a branded search for your business.

Using platforms like WordPress and Joomla, you can quickly and easily create smart, professional-looking websites without having to invest a fortune in a developer.

If you already have an established website, you could consider writing a blog that's relevant to your industry.

Quit Smoking

This one is an oldy in the world of new years resolutions but still a goodie if you have the determination. But what does it have to do with your business? Actually, quite a lot.

While nicotine has long since been associated with relieving stress, studies have shown that cigarettes can, in fact, increase feelings of stress and anxiety with a constant cycle of withdrawals and relief.

Improving your mental and physical health by quitting smoking can positively impact your productivity, bringing you into a more successful 2021.

Smokers are also more likely to suffer from serious health conditions, or even struggle to get over everyday ailments like colds, thank you WebMD! Overall, the impact on your health can keep you away from achieving your goals.

If you're still smoking in 2021, you're in the minority. The Office for National Statistics found that in 2019, only 14.1% of UK citizens over 18 were on a steady decline from 2018's 14.7%.

With the importance of our respiratory health being at the forefront of public consciousness this year, now is the time to break the habit of a lifetime. Free support is available to those trying to quit smoking through the NHS website here.

Use PPC Advertising

If you're a small business relying on word of mouth or passer-by business (something that is not reliable these days), why not try PPC, Pay Per Click, and advertise to boost awareness or even sales?

You don't need to be a mastermind PPC expert to explore the benefits. There are plenty of How To guides available online for businesses new to paid search.

Get Involved in Your Community or Sponsor a Charity

Working with a local charity is a great opportunity to establish your presence in your community and give back. You can support a local charity by:

  • Keeping a donation box in your shop front
  • Providing your goods and services to them at a significant discount or free-of-charge
  • Adding a donation percentage to each purchase
  • Donation buttons on your website

Gain a New Skill or Improve an Existing One

Online learning platforms are more relevant than ever with the UK set to be indoors for much of the start of 2021.

Online platforms like LinkedIn, Skillshare, Udemy and more offer online courses in various disciplines. Maybe you want to learn SEO, Photoshop, coding, or something else. Keeping more tricks up your sleeve or adding services could be the boost your business needs post-pandemic.