Block of Flats

04 March 2015

Block of Flats Insurance - What Cover Does A Residents? Association Need?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Block of Flats, Landlords

Typically, a residents association is established by a group of property owners or tenants in a block of flats who act with the best interests of all the flat owners or leaseholders in mind.  The association will deal either deal directly with the property owners managing agent or alternatively manage the freehold for the group.

11 February 2015

What Type of Business Insurance Do I Need As a Letting Agent?

Written by Jon Norman, Posted in Block of Flats, Unoccupied Property, House-in-Multiple Occupation (HMO), Business, Landlords, Property

If you’re thinking of joining over 25,000 current Estate & Letting Agents across the UK by setting up your business then you’ll no doubt have spent months meticulously planning and preparing for launch. 

From location to web portals, to marketing and back office systems, there is a huge amount to consider – however one key area which is often overlooked until the last minute is Business Insurance.  This might not be the most exciting subject, but without the correct protection, you could leave your new business exposed to financial ruin.