Bar & Restaurant Insurance - How To Avoid Slip and Trip Accidents

Bar & Restaurant Insurance - How To Avoid Slip and Trip Accidents

In today's litigious society, insurance claims for slips and trips continue to rise, either from injury to staff (Employers Liability) or to members of the Public (Public Liability).  

Depending on the extent of the injury, some losses can be significant, which in turn can result in substantial increases in your Bar or Restaurant Insurance premium.

Most Restaurant Claims or Accidents Are Avoidable

Wet floors, spills and excess clutter in the kitchen can spell disaster for wait staff, hosts and cooks. Slips, trips and falls in restaurants cause thousands of workers each year to suffer injuries and lost wages.

Injuries range from sprained or strained muscles and joints to broken bones and head injury. To ensure everyone's safety and well-being, take the following precautions.


Top Tips to Keep Your Floors Safe

TIP #1 - Keep floors clean and dry at all times. Wet floors present a slip hazard and can promote the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria.

TIP #2 - Remove all objects and clutter from aisles, exits and passageways.

TIP #3 - If grease or oil spills on the kitchen floor, clean the mess immediately and alert other staff of the problem to avert accidental falls.

TIP #4 - Use floor or ceiling electrical plugs for power to avoid running a cable down a long hallway.

TIP #5 - Display warning signs to alert customers and staff on a wet floor.

TIP #6 - Use floor mats while surfaces are drying after cleaning to provide traction.

TIP #7 - Clean up spills immediately.

TIP #8 - In areas prone to slipping, such as dishwasher and sink areas, use a non-skid wax product to clean the floors.

TIP #9 - While washing the floor, wear protective footwear to prevent falling.

TIP #10 - Keep an eye out for uneven floors, and fix them or notify someone who can immediately.

TIP #11 - Stretch out bulging floor mats to prevent trips and falls.

Other Tips and Recommendations

  • Use a ladder to reach items overhead rather than standing on small stools or boxes.
  • Repair broken light fixtures and replace bulbs for adequate visibility in stockrooms, kitchen areas, entryways, etc.

Best Practice Is To Stay Alert

Adopt a "see it, sort it" attitude across the business. If you, or a member of your team, notice anything that you think could present a slipping, tripping or falling hazard for you, staff or customers, take action to fix it or notify the health and safety officer immediately.

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